Long-Delayed Echoes

This website was created by Gordon Hogarth, VE3CNA as a personal project to attempt to preserve and present some of the history of Canadian Amateur Radio organizations and is presented so that some of the story of the development of Canadian Amateur may be seen and understood.

Much information about some of the organizations mentioned is available while very little is known about others. The content of this website is probably not exhaustive and I would very much appreciate hearing from those of you who have either memories or documents to add to the present list. Information about other organizations would be welcome as well.

This website should be considered a work in progress and any errors or omissions are my own. Please contact me before submitting any information.

You should know that I have been licensed since May of 1958 and lived through some of these times, and I do hope that you will enjoy reading the materials on this website as much as I have.

73 de Gordon Hogarth, VE3CNA, Toronto, Ontario, August 17, 2010


  1. Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Incorporated, (SARC) founded April 1946, VE3WE, for the website space.
  2. Ray Chow, VE3ZXC, Webmaster for SARC

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