BPSK & Packet Radio

We are starting a new net in PSK31.

Rod has already started Packet radio.

This is list of requirements.

Software: http://aintel.bi.ehu.es/psk31.html or fldigi www.w1hkj.com/

Equipment required: Rigblaster plug & play, singlelink, ????

Setup help: Signalink TX around 75%, RX around 75% and DLY at 60%

What frequency PSK hf 28.730 mhz

What frequency Packet VHF ??????

Time: After the HF net or 8pm on Thursday

Send any info to me Ralph [email protected] , [email protected]

SARC 2m net, 2011-05-24


  • VE3VXY     Ralph
  • VE3FJI       Peter
  • VE3CLT     Chris
  • VE3KCO    Earle
  • VA3YD      Audrey
  • VA3CEQ   Christian
  • VA3UMA   Prem
  • VE3PA      Bill
  • VA3PID     Stewart
  • VE3WTR   Edgar
  • VE3NR      Bert
  • VE3SF      Ron
Host:  VE3IEL   Bob
Call used:  VE3WE
Repeater VE3RPT  Freq:  147.060

SARC 2m net 2011-05-17

VA3PID Steward


VE3PA Bill

VE3FJI Peter

VE3CLT Chris


VA3CEQ Christian


VA3ZAI Anthony



VE3NR Bert

Hosted by VE3VXY Ralph

Call used VE3WE SARC

Repeater VE3RPT 147.060mhz

1930hr - 2007hr

SARC Auctions live

Our auction page is now available. SARC Auctions are intended to help the club raise funds by selling donated equipment. Members may place bids at any time during the auction (you must be logged in to bid). All proceeds go to the club treasury. Any items that don't sell will go to the Ontario Swap Shop.

Ralph VE3VXY has posted the first item, an Icom IC-2350H transceiver. Go to the auction page to check it out.