SARC Net frequency change

Hello SARC

We have moved our Sunday morning and Thursday evening 10 meter nets to 2 meters. We have graciously been given access to the VE3TOR repeater to use for our Scarborough Amateur Radio Club nets. Many thanks to the kind operators of this repeater. Our new frequency is 146.940 with a tone of 103.5 Hz and an offset of -600. This repeater is located central to the Scarborough area and should be easily accessible to our members.

A few items must be noted.

  • Proper radio etiquette is required at all times.
  • A log of our activities should be kept for the repeater operators so they can update their coverage data.
  • There is a 1 minute talk timer on the repeater, so we ask that you keep you transmissions brief and to not exceed more than 2 cycles. This will also speed up our already lively discussions and allow more to participate. We will monitor our old frequency for the next few nets to guide everyone to the new repeater.

This move will open up our nets to those without HF resources and participation can be done with an inexpensive hand held radio. The net schedule has not changed.

73 Everyone, I Iook forward to hearing you on 2 meters!