Scarborough ARC and Toronto ARC are teaming up for ARRL Field Day this weekend (June 25-26) at the beautiful Bluffers Park Yacht Club in Scarborough!

Please sign up at Field Day 2022 Sign Up to confirm your attendance and operating shift.

Access to Bluffers Park is controlled by police during peak times. If you're not bringing equipment, please consider taking TTC. Route 175 runs every 15 minutes to and from Kennedy station on Saturday and Sunday between 0800 and 2200. At Kennedy you can connect to the subway, RT and GO Transit Stouffville line.

Talk-in frequency: VE3TOR 146.940- tone 103.5 Hz.

Thanks to Dave VE3SVL and the Bluffers Park Yacht Club for allowing the use of their facilities for this event.

Antenna Day

Hello SARC and Friends

Saturday June 11th is the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club's Antenna Day.

This is a special day where we get to spend some outdoor time with our fellow hams exploring the wonderful world of antennas.

Antennas are one of the most important parts of an amateur radio station whose performance can make or break a QSO. Unlike other station components the antenna determines the effectiveness of both the received and transmitted signals.

So bring along your ideas, your antenna experiments, your tools, your knowledge and your experience. We will delve into the mysterious art of antenna design, tuning, measurement and hopefully come away with some new insights on antennas.

Grey Abbey Park is a small park with limited resources but is ideal for our needs.There are no washroom facilities, however the Guildwood GO station is a few minutes away. It is a lightly used park that has an open area on the bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario with a few trees and benches. A wire rope fence with sturdy wooden posts should be great supports for our masts.

A generator will be available for power along with some fibreglass mast sections to mount the antennas. Various test instruments will be available to analyse the antennas. Who knows we may even make a few contacts.

Grey Abbey Park is located east off the end of Morningside Ave.
We will start around Noon and end around 6 PM.

Bring along some snacks and refreshments to share. We should have a great Antenna Day.

Let’s have some fun in the sun

See you there

Edgar Heinen VE3TQU, SK

From John Koren VA3JK:

It is with the deepest regret, that I inform the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, that one of your members, VE3TQU, Edgar Heinen has passed away suddenly on February 10.2022. I helped Edgar get his amateur radio licence at CBC, he had a lifelong passion for radio, especially short wave listening and local amateur radio activity on 2m and 70 cm. He passed away without any kin, and I do not know what his final wishes were. May he rest in Eternal Peace with God.

November 2021 virtual meeting

Hello All

Another spectacular, exciting, entertaining and just plain wonderful SARC Zoom meeting is being held near you. Participation is just a click away. How much closer can it get.

With a build up like that who wouldn't want to join in. - So come one - come all and join us for a boisterous event where we may actually discuss radio things.

Bring along any ideas you have for our new repeater. We need some cavities to complete the project. Unfortunately I misplaced my notes which noted that some Sinclair cavities were available for our application. Please let me know if they are still available. The club would greatly appreciate your support.

Please tune in on Tuesday evening. Subscribe to our mailing list for connection details.

73 Duncan VE3GNI

May virtual meeting

Hello SARC

Well it is long overdue but it is now official. We will be having another exciting SARC Zoom meeting featuring a presentation on a HF portable station in a box build by Dave Sepulveda KD2PMU. He has put together some very practical ideas on how to execute a well designed ready to go station. This will be especially interesting for those who wish to do some outdoor radio for events like Parks On The AIR, Lighthouse Activations, Field Day or having a kit for the weekend at the cottage.

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting on Monday

73 Duncan VE3GNI

SARC 75th anniversary

Hello SARC;

The attached news letter celebrates our club's 75th anniversary on Friday April 23.

As well we are inviting you to another club zoom meeting coming up on Monday April 12th 8 to 10 PM. Since we are celebrating our anniversary this month the meeting will be nostalgia night. Please join in with your "I remember when..." stories, adventures and successes even if they only happened last week.

March 2021 virtual meeting

Last minute information on the QSO Today ham expo
coming up this weekend.
Guest speakers, seminars, product exhibits and builders
projects. WOW! a virtual Dayton and very affordable.
Visit for more details

This Monday - SARC Virtual Meeting
March 15th from 8 to 10 PM.

We have an interesting topic being presented by Adrian VA3NNA on how to make Satellite QSO's. He is going to show us how to contact a specific satellite. He will take us through the whole process. This should be a fascinating presentation.

As well please tell us about your favorite amateur radio related websites that you have discovered. Everyone has found something interesting for our hobby on the internet. So if any of you wish to share your discoveries with us we will look forward to learning about them on Monday.

Please join us this Monday evening for another Scarborough Amateur Radio Club virtual meeting where we can exchange our ideas and experiences in this wonderful world of radio technology.

Hope to see you on Monday.

Special thanks to Paul VE3GBP/VE3KU for providing our meeting room.
Duncan Robertson VE3GNI 73