Thanks to Scarborough Amateur radio club.

I want to tell you Ralph, you really surprised me beyond anyone could do. I only thought you would fix the radio I had, I never anticipated a brand new radio.
When you asked me for my radio I thought you were going to sit down and tinker with it, I never ever thought you and all who helped you to pull this surprise to almost get speechless.
I wish you please kind sir, to pass my thanks to everyone of those who came to absolutely surprise the sox off me.
Thanks ever so much all, including Malcolm, and every one who were there.
It was much more then I ever thought a club like ours to pull this on me.
I have nothing more to say but thank you all.
Take care of you all, and may your Christmases be full of blessings, and from now on, may you all be healthier, and may the New years coming be better for all of you.
Thanks guys so very much!
Rudie VE3OUA