2012-01-09 (Annual General Meeting)

Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Annual General Meeting
9 January 2012

This meeting took place at the Seniors Lounge, Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre.

President Ralph Muecke VE3VXY called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM.

Ralph VE3VXY moved to accept the minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting. Rudie VE3OUA seconded. Motion carried.

Congratulations to our new Vice-President, Luc Seguin VA3LMS, and new Field Day Coordinator, Rod Long VE3SOY.

Welcome to our newest member Santosh VU3GFF/VE3 and thanks to all those members who have renewed for this year.

Nominations for Tony Fegan Technical Award are open until the end of March. Please visit the members-only area of the club website to fill in the nomination form. This award is presented to the club member who has expanded his/her own practical and technical knowledge and has demonstrated that knowledge to the club. Members may receive this award more than once.

The club celebrates its 66th anniversary this year. We are hoping to have the party on April 23, which happens to be the actual anniversary date.

The MS Walk will take place in April – date to be confirmed.

Field Day will be at Heber Down Conservation Area in Whitby on June 23-24 this year – Rod will follow up.

We plan to set up a station at Nick’s QTH (VE3EBC) for the RAC Canada Day contest.

Website improvements: solar images, propagation forecast, local weather. Other suggestions welcome.

Luc VA3LMS is building a repeater for experimental use. It is not intended to compete with other local repeaters, and will use a 1 MHz offset instead of the more typical 600 kHz. Different modes including CW, SSTV, DTMF may be used.

Luc is also planning to start some circuit projects to get people interested in homebrew equipment. We are also looking into a new location for building projects.

– Break –

Round table discussion

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

SARC 2m net 2012-01-31

  • VE3FJI Peter
  • VE3PA Bill
  • VE3CNA Gord
  • VA3IGD Ian
  • VE3WTR Edgar
  • VE3MSS Marius
  • VE3WMY Bill
  • VE3NR Bert
  • VA3LMS Luke
  • VA3MSL Maria
  • KD0MVX Norm
  • VE3EVT Sid
  • Hosted by VE3VXY Ralph
  • Call used VE3WE SARC
  • 147.060 MHz VE3RPT TFMCS
  • 1930 hr – 1955 hr

We like to thank the TFMCS for the use of this repeater system


2012 Tony Fegan Technical Award

This award is presented to the member (Licensed Amateur), who has expanded his/her own practical and technical knowledge and has demonstrated it to the club. It’s named after Tony Fegan VE3QF (SK), who was a long-time member of SARC. Members may receive this award more than once. Nominations are open from now until March 26. Please use the nomination form in the members-only area (login required).