Pictures from July 23

Thanks to Allyn Pollock VE3PRG who sent in these pictures from our coffee social night on July 23.

Radio Experimenters of Canada

According to a column by Bill Choat, VE3CO, published in The Ontario Amateur, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1966 pp 17 & 18, The Canadian Amateur was published by John H. Brown, VE7JB, North Surrey, British Columbia. I would appreciate any further information about this organization. (See Radio Society of Ontario section of website.)

Doug Leach VE3XK forwarded all ten issues of The Canadian Amateur published in 1959 and 1960. Thanks to Michael Kelly VE3FFK for the scans.

Please see page 12 in the March 1959 issue for a letter from me to the Editor.

The title, "The Canadian Amateur" first appeared as the publication of the short-lived Radio Experimenters of Canada and later became the title of the Canadian Amateur Radio Federation's (CARF) journal.

Thanks to Doug Leach, VE3XK, who advises: "research has shown that there is no connection between the original "The Canadian Amateur" and today's "TCA The Canadian Amateur" the journal of Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)."

In May 1993, CARF and the "Canadian Radio Relay League" (CRRL) merged to form "Radio Amateurs of Canada". The first RAC National Convention was hosted by the Calgary Amateur Radio Association on July 22-24, 1994.

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