The addition of QST Canada magazine to this website is in my view, a significant addition to the history of Canadian amateur radio as it relates to the formation of our present national and international advocacy organization, Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that QST Canada will appear on-line for all to see and read.

Amateur Radio is well organized both nationally and internationally and that has made it possible for our 'technical hobby' to continue, grow and prosper.

Many thanks go to Mr. Harry MacLean, VE3GRO, of London, Ontario who kindly loaned me his complete collection of QST Canada for re-publication on the world wide web at Long-Delayed Echoes. Harry was a senior official of the Canadian Radio Relay League Inc. and served with distinction including holding the post of Editor of QST Canada for its entire run.

On behalf of Canadian 'Hams' I thank Harry for his service to the hobby and for the loan of his complete collection of QST Canada.

73 de Gordon, VE3CNA

Toronto, Ontario. May 8, 2017

Thanks to Harvey Porter VE3LLO for the loan of the June 1988 inaugural issue of QST Canada.

Canadian Radio Relay League
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