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Autumn is coming

From Duncan VE3GNI:

I trust everybody had an adventure filled summer, hopefully spending some quality time on the air seeking the intercession of the propagation spirits. There is still time to get to any outdoor radio projects or activities you have in the works.

I discovered an interesting app called Robot36 on Android (free) and for iPhone - SSTV Slow Scan TV (almost free 2.99). This is a fine example of minimalist amateur radio fun.

The picture shows the complicated setup for the reception of SSTV images sent from the International Space Station. Here is Robot36 running on an Android phone using the ancient audio coupling technology (no wires) to connect the phone to the radio. The volume on the radio is set using a bar graph level meter built into the app.

The radio is tuned to 145.800 while waiting for the ISS overhead pass. You can see a received image during this space station pass. This image was received at a cottage on Pigeon Lake near Emily Provincial Park.

Another app called Heavens-Above has a section dedicated to the International Space Station. It uses your current location to list when the station will pass overhead. This allows you to know when to listen for the space station broadcast. Look to the ISS website to find out when next SSTV broadcast will occur.

This September 28th we are having our road trip to the Hammond museum of radio. Please see our website for the details. This promises to be a very exciting event. I hope you can make it. We will form a car pool so everyone can attend. Sign up as soon as possible so we can work out the trip details.

I look forward to seeing you at our Sept 9th meeting to share our summer adventures and enjoy our friendship in amateur radio.

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Exciting year ahead

A letter from our President, Duncan VE3GNI:

The new year 2019 is here and along with it comes the renewal of our club. The Scarborough Amateur Radio Club exists today, thanks to the unwavering efforts of some very keen champions, who have kept the embers glowing in defiance of gale force winds. Those winds have extinguished many amateur radio clubs over the past decade. There are many causes for club failure - advancing social technologies - apathy - ageing membership - the list goes on. We are all aware of what causes memberships to decline and interest to wane. This is not going to happen to the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club. We have a proud history of being one of the premier clubs in amateur radio. This coming year is not going to be a candle in the wind - it is going to be a bonfire!

We are very fortunate to have the resources, structure and most importantly you the enthusiastic participating members of the club. Without your participation, knowledge and resourcefulness the flame will go out. Each of us has a common interest in amateur radio and bring great talent to the club. Using our collective knowledge and enthusiasm we are going to make this a banner year for SARC in 2019.

Over the past few weeks there have been many brilliant suggestions from you for the upcoming year. These ideas coupled with great ingenuity, effort and desire from all of us will form the new foundation for SARC. This exciting new foundation will bring great joy and success to our club as we welcome new members and we participate in exciting club events.

Each one of us has the opportunity to actively Participate in the club's rebirth. We get to create exciting club activities from which we can Learn and explore the fascinating world of amateur radio. We will be able to really Enjoy our friendships and membership in the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club. Our efforts will guarantee the success and growth of SARC in this new year.

I am sure you all remember the time you made your first contacts. The fabulous excitement of calling CQ - giving your signal report and sending 73. This is how I feel right now about the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club. I am nervous, humbled, excited and thrilled to be honoured with my role as president of SARC. We have an extremely talented executive who I am sure feel the same excitement for this coming year. I look forward to working with you to make 2019 a year to look back on with pride and also knowing that SARC is strong, growing and a great place to enjoy the world of amateur radio.

Again thanks to all who have kept the embers burning and to all who will Participate, Learn and Enjoy the year ahead as members of the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club.

Have a great 2019 everyone.

Duncan Robertson VE3GNI 73


- Regarding Tom VE3 BTR. This news from Rudie VE3 OUA.

- This I heard from a very reliable source. From Cathy, Tom’s girlfriend.

- Tom has been in hospital in Richmond Hill. It has been called the Mackenzie Centre, since August of 2014.

- They are giving him only five to ten days of life. He is suffering very much.

- If you have any further questions, you may have to call Cathy, his Girlfriend on her cell at:

- I may go and see him with my pastor, who said he would take me to see him.

- We are all going through the sadness of losing Tom, but the great physician is still in performing miracles and
- we only pray for his healing, if it is His will.

- Thanks so much. Rudie VE3 OUA.

New Changes on the VE3TWR

NEW Changes on the VE3TWR


The TFMCS is moving forward with the new technology that is presented to us in today’s new Ham radio market


The VE3TWR repeater on 444.400 part of the TFMCS system.  In the past, this frequency and 145.41 have been linked together on a full time basis but now, those repeaters are unlinked and operating on their own.  While 145.41 is still linkable to the rest of the TFMCS system, 444.400 is part of a new Yaesu technology called System Fusion, is running in a dual mode configuration.  


1st mode is the traditional FM that you use today, you will require a 103.5Hz tone on transmit and receive of your radio to use the UHF side.  

2nd mode is C4FM digital voice that we are currently experimenting with and works with new Yaesu radios.  We hope you enjoy the new technology and look forward to your feedback via the TFMCS web site.

The TFMCS would like to thank Radioworld and Yaesu for sponsoring this new repeater system.

In support of this new technology from Radioworld, if you purchase a new radio please let them know that you are a member of TFMCS

MS 2013 walk

MS 2013 walk

I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s event, John VE3POJ, Robert VE3VAJ, Benita VA3VAJ, Peter VE3FJI, Ray VE3ZXC, and Joe VE3OV. Special thanks go to Peter VA3PRW for helping and also doing the walk with Rudi VE3OUA who did very well. Just to let everyone know that I had a very great time and the walk was very successful this year and I’m looking forward to next year.

Thanks Ralph VE3VXY net control.

2013 MS Walk – Call for Volunteers

The Scarborough MS Walk will take place on Sunday, May 5. Once again, SARC is providing communication support and we need licensed radio amateurs who can spare a few hours to help. You do not need to be a member of SARC to participate.

This year we are at a new location: Willow Park Junior Public School, 45 Windover Dr, Scarborough. Please plan to arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 AM.

The route has also changed: see MS Walk route map.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ralph at ve3vxy at