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2012 Tony Fegan Technical Award

This award is presented to the member (Licensed Amateur), who has expanded his/her own practical and technical knowledge and has demonstrated it to the club. It's named after Tony Fegan VE3QF (SK), who was a long-time member of SARC. Members may receive this award more than once. Nominations are open from now until March 26. Please use the nomination form in the members-only area (login required).

1961 – Keith Russell Trophy

In 2009, Lee Jennings ZL2AL (now a Silent Key) wrote from New Zealand:

I belonged to the SARC club back in the late 50s/early sixties. In fact I was the Field Day co-ordinator then and managed to obtain VE3WE for the club. Barney and Eva, Al and Babs Wilson, Bob Mortlock VE3BTV and others were the stalwarts of the day. I have a photo of the Keith Russell FD Trophy (BTW - I knew Keith, VE3AL and his son Tim, VE3WL) being presented to myself as Co-ordinator, Bill Cate (then VE3CLT) as Prez by Noel Eaton VE3CJ. I am 72 now and this photo needs to be on your web page and not lost to the club forever.

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