Scarborough MS Walk, April 2005

I would like to thank all the volunteers who assisted with the MS Walk communications, Sunday 17th April.  It was a fine day when many could be enjoying time with their families;  but, chose to help out in a worthwhile cause.  As radio amateurs we always learn something from these kinds of exercises.  We learn how to deal with the unexpected.  We learn more about our own equipment.  We get input from the officials we work with.  We learn also how to work with each other.

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Club Project Night, January 24, 2005

The meeting was well attended with 20 club members present, we were pleased to see Charlie VE3EHD out to the meeting from the Toronto ARES Group....Charlie informs us that he will be joining our ranks at the next meeting....welcome Charlie it will be nice to have you with the Scarborough Club.

The focus of the earlier part of the meeting was the final signing of the club bylaws by the executive. Copies of the club bylaws will be kept by the executive and a copy in the club safety deposit box along with a backup floppy disk.

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Scarborough Fair 2004

On Saturday June 12th 2004, the Mid-Scarborough Recreation Centre held a "Fair" to show the folks who live in Scarborough a little of what the Mid-Scarborough Centre offers.  Besides the two large rinks there are various organizations that have activities centered around the Mid-Scarborough Complex.

There is the active Scarborough Rifle Club, a Snooker Club, a Euchre, Cribbage, Bridge group, special Karate for the hard of hearing, various dance activites, then of course a large Sea Cadet group, an Air Cadet group, and a very active Seniors group.

The Scarborough Amateur Radio Club is also one of these many user-groups. Last year was the second year that The Scarborough Amateur Radio Club was invited to take part in the Mid-Scarborough Recreation Centre Fair.  The idea was to show the public what our radio club is all about. Continue reading Scarborough Fair 2004

Presidents take the Cake


In this picture, former SARC Presidents Bill Cate VE3HR, Audrey Little VA3YD, Bob Chrysler VE3IEL, and Gord Hogarth VE3CNA cutting a well iced SARC cake. The inside was as tasty as the outside.

Thanks to Bob VE3IEL

Field Day 1988?

Article by Doug Netherton, VE3MCF

I found these photographs in a photo envelope. However, did not write a date on anything, so I'm not sure what year it was. I'm guessing 1988 based on what I see in the photographs (and who I see in them). Also, not everybody's name is indicated, so there are a few unknowns. Select each of the thumbnails below to examine the photo and its information.

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