Here is a copy of the order received by one of our founders, Mr Vince Graham, VE3AXB on the occasion of the outbreak of World War II to cease operations.

1939 order to cease ham radio operations
1939 order to cease ham radio operations

The transcribed text follows. Thanks to Gord Hogarth VE3CNA for the image.




Ottawa, September 5th, 1939.

To the Licensees of all Amateur Experimental Radio Stations:

Whereas, in the opinion of the Government of Canada, an emergency has arisen in which it is expedient for the public service that His Majesty's Government in Canada shall have control over the transmission of messages by Radio Stations of all classes.

Now, in pursuance of the power conferred on me by the Defence of Canada Order and The Radio Act, 1938, and regulations issued thereunder, I hereby notify you that your Amateur Experimental Station Licence is suspended forthwith, and direct you to completely dismantle and render inoperative all equipment installed in your station.

(C. P. Edwards) 
for Minister of Transport

1939 WWII Order to Cease Amateur Radio Operations