Tuesday 2 metre net

Note from Bob VE3IEL:

It is very likely that VE3RPT repeater that SARC uses for its Tuesday night net shall be inoperative this coming Tuesday evening. It is suggested that our alternate frequency of: 146.520 SIMPLEX be used for our next SARC net, Tuesday Feb. 15th at 7:30 PM.

I am quite sure that most of our regulars, and others, will have no trouble using this simplex frequency.

TFMCS shall probably have a fix in place for later SARC nets. Information on this shall be released as other net times get closer.

SARC 10m net, 2011-02-10

  • VE3CNA        Gord
  • VE3PA          Bill
  • VE3VXY        Ralph
  • VE3NR          Bert
  • VE3WTR       Edgar
Host:  VE3IEL  Bob
Call used:  VE3WE
Bill  VE3PA  provided RAC bulletin information.

SARC 2m net, 2011-02-08

  • VA3SIF       Joy
  • VE3PA        Bill
  • VA3CEQ     Christian
  • VE3CNA     Gord
  • VE3EVT      Syd
  • VA3IGD       Ian
  • VE3NR        Bert
Host:  VE3IEL   Bob
Call used:   VE3WE
Repeater:   VE3RPT

SARC 2m net, 2011-02-01


  • VE3FJI        Peter

  • VE3CNA     Gord

  • VA3CEQ     Christian

  • VE3VXY      Ralph

  • VE3WTR     Edgar

  • VE3PA        Bill

  • VE3ILG       Rahman

  • VE3SOY     Rod

  • VE3NR        Bert

  • VE3LEW     Dave

  • VE3EBC     Nick

  • VE3VAJ      Robert

Host:  VE3IEL     Bob
Call used:  VE3WE
Repeater used:   VE3RPT