1977 – ARRL National Convention Photos

Here are pictures from Mike Toneri, VE3FGU taken at the ARRL National Convention hosted by SARC at the Sheraton Centre Hotel, June 3, 4, and 5, 1977. Some of them show a ceremony late on Saturday evening (June 4), investing novices into the "Royal Order of the Wouff Hong".   This is a feature of all ARRL Conventions.  :-))

Tuesday 2 metre net

Note from Bob VE3IEL:

It is very likely that VE3RPT repeater that SARC uses for its Tuesday night net shall be inoperative this coming Tuesday evening. It is suggested that our alternate frequency of: 146.520 SIMPLEX be used for our next SARC net, Tuesday Feb. 15th at 7:30 PM.

I am quite sure that most of our regulars, and others, will have no trouble using this simplex frequency.

TFMCS shall probably have a fix in place for later SARC nets. Information on this shall be released as other net times get closer.

SARC 10m net, 2011-02-10

  • VE3CNA        Gord
  • VE3PA          Bill
  • VE3VXY        Ralph
  • VE3NR          Bert
  • VE3WTR       Edgar
Host:  VE3IEL  Bob
Call used:  VE3WE
Bill  VE3PA  provided RAC bulletin information.

SARC 2m net, 2011-02-08

  • VA3SIF       Joy
  • VE3PA        Bill
  • VA3CEQ     Christian
  • VE3CNA     Gord
  • VE3EVT      Syd
  • VA3IGD       Ian
  • VE3NR        Bert
Host:  VE3IEL   Bob
Call used:   VE3WE
Repeater:   VE3RPT

SARC 2m net, 2011-02-01


  • VE3FJI        Peter

  • VE3CNA     Gord

  • VA3CEQ     Christian

  • VE3VXY      Ralph

  • VE3WTR     Edgar

  • VE3PA        Bill

  • VE3ILG       Rahman

  • VE3SOY     Rod

  • VE3NR        Bert

  • VE3LEW     Dave

  • VE3EBC     Nick

  • VE3VAJ      Robert

Host:  VE3IEL     Bob
Call used:  VE3WE
Repeater used:   VE3RPT