Tony Fegan VE3QF (formerly GW3TTF, G3TTF, VE3BUL) became a silent key on September 20, 2010. He was a long-time member of the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club and the Satellites, and participated in many events over the years. Tony was very interested in the practical side of amateur radio and gave many technical talks at the club. We will miss his good humour and helpful advice.

Antennas for 160 and 80 Meters

de Tony, VE3QF

(This article by Tony Fegan, VEBQF/G3'I'1"F first appeared

in the Scarborough ARC Newsletrer..ed)

The Big Back Yard- These two bands pose a problem for

the average amateur because of the physical size of a resonant
antenna and also because the antenna is going to be electrically
close to the ground. A dipole for 160 metres at 50 feet is still
only 0.1 wavelengths above ground and as such presents an
impedance at the centre feedpoint of anywhere between 20 and
50 ohms depending on the ground and nearby objects. This
antenna would also be up to 260 feet long. A dipole for 80

Tony Fegan VE3QF, SK