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May virtual meeting

Hello SARC

Well it is long overdue but it is now official. We will be having another exciting SARC Zoom meeting featuring a presentation on a HF portable station in a box build by Dave Sepulveda KD2PMU. He has put together some very practical ideas on how to execute a well designed ready to go station. This will be especially interesting for those who wish to do some outdoor radio for events like Parks On The AIR, Lighthouse Activations, Field Day or having a kit for the weekend at the cottage.

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting on Monday

73 Duncan VE3GNI

SARC 75th anniversary

Hello SARC;

The attached news letter celebrates our club's 75th anniversary on Friday April 23.

As well we are inviting you to another club zoom meeting coming up on Monday April 12th 8 to 10 PM. Since we are celebrating our anniversary this month the meeting will be nostalgia night. Please join in with your "I remember when..." stories, adventures and successes even if they only happened last week.

March 2021 virtual meeting

Last minute information on the QSO Today ham expo
coming up this weekend.
Guest speakers, seminars, product exhibits and builders
projects. WOW! a virtual Dayton and very affordable.
Visit for more details

This Monday - SARC Virtual Meeting
March 15th from 8 to 10 PM.

We have an interesting topic being presented by Adrian VA3NNA on how to make Satellite QSO's. He is going to show us how to contact a specific satellite. He will take us through the whole process. This should be a fascinating presentation.

As well please tell us about your favorite amateur radio related websites that you have discovered. Everyone has found something interesting for our hobby on the internet. So if any of you wish to share your discoveries with us we will look forward to learning about them on Monday.

Please join us this Monday evening for another Scarborough Amateur Radio Club virtual meeting where we can exchange our ideas and experiences in this wonderful world of radio technology.

Hope to see you on Monday.

Special thanks to Paul VE3GBP/VE3KU for providing our meeting room.
Duncan Robertson VE3GNI 73

February 15 Zoom meeting

It's Time For Another SARC Virtual Meeting

It has been a while since our last SARC virtual meeting so let's do it again.

This Monday Family Day February 15th from 8 to 10 PM.

We have a couple of interesting topics being presented for our enlightenment.

Rydberg Quantum Receiver

How about a receiver that tunes from 0 to 20 GHz without an antenna. How about an atomic radio that tunes the Radio Waves directly. How about a radio that receives the entire radio spectrum. This fascinating radio will be explored in a presentation by Joe VE3FMQ.

I am looking forward to learning more about this exciting new receiver technology.

Arduino and Amateur Radio

Next we will explore some basic ideas and amateur radio applications for the wonderful Arduino computer platform. Adrian VA3NNA will cover the basics in the world of Arduino devices that can be applied to many interesting projects. This should be a very illuminating presentation on the fundamentals of Arduino sorcery.

Please join us this Monday evening for another Scarborough Amateur Radio Club virtual meeting where we can exchange our ideas and experiences in this wonderful world of radio technology.

Hope to see you on Monday.

Special thanks to Paul VE3GBP/VE3KU for providing our meeting room.

Duncan Robertson VE3GNI 73
Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Inc.

January 11 Zoom meeting

Hello SARC

Well 2020 was a year to get over. I want to wish all of you a much
better 2021 and hope that all is well with you.

This is our first Zoom meeting for 2021 and it promises to be a lot of
fun. So many things to discuss.

The are several ideas floating about such as a CW training / refresher
course. The introduction of some home brew construction projects. These can be a lot of fun and some are quite experimental such as unusual antenna designs and simple but useful kits. How about a junk box swap meet. I know there are a lot of you out there with overflowing junk boxes that have some parts that need a new home.

Let's make this an exciting year where we open up new channels of club
activity and more frequent Zoom meetings some of which are topic driven.

As well we have a few members with some great presentation ideas that we can enjoy. If you have some presentation ideas please bring them forward.

There is a lot to talk about and a lot to plan for the new year. So
let's put 2020 behind us and enjoy 2021.

See you on Monday 8PM. Login details to follow.

By the way the Sunday morning net is still on for 10:30.

73 Duncan...


Special Christmas Net

Hello SARC

During today's fun filled net it was suggested we have an afternoon quick net get together on Christmas Day.


Please join us on our special Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Christmas Day net starting at 2:30 in the afternoon on the 146.940 VE3TOR repeater.

This is a special invitation going out to all radio amateurs to take a break and offer each other best wishes on Christmas Day.

Our usual Thursday evening net will still go ahead as usual.

For some fun radio Christmas cheer join us on Friday afternoon.

73 Duncan...

SARC Net frequency change

Hello SARC

We have moved our Sunday morning and Thursday evening 10 meter nets to 2 meters. We have graciously been given access to the VE3TOR repeater to use for our Scarborough Amateur Radio Club nets. Many thanks to the kind operators of this repeater. Our new frequency is 146.940 with a tone of 103.5 Hz and an offset of -600. This repeater is located central to the Scarborough area and should be easily accessible to our members.

A few items must be noted.

  • Proper radio etiquette is required at all times.
  • A log of our activities should be kept for the repeater operators so they can update their coverage data.
  • There is a 1 minute talk timer on the repeater, so we ask that you keep you transmissions brief and to not exceed more than 2 cycles. This will also speed up our already lively discussions and allow more to participate. We will monitor our old frequency for the next few nets to guide everyone to the new repeater.

This move will open up our nets to those without HF resources and participation can be done with an inexpensive hand held radio. The net schedule has not changed.

73 Everyone, I Iook forward to hearing you on 2 meters!

SARC 1st Virtual Meeting

Hello SARC members - I hope you are all well and have kept healthy especially in these COVID-19 times. I really miss our club meetings in the Don Montgomery centre.

This is an invitation for all amateurs to join us in our first Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Virtual Meeting. We will be using Zoom as the platform for this meeting. Thanks to Paul VE3GPB/VE3KU for setting up the facility for the meeting. The details on how to join will be sent out later.

It is unfortunate we cannot meet at our usual haunt since some of the city of Toronto use of facilities requirements have changed. They now require commercial insurance naming the city of Toronto as the additionally named insured in the policy. The cost of this insurance is prohibitive for our club.

There is a policy available through Radio Amateurs of Canada that will meet the requirements and this avenue is being investigated.

In the mean time while not everyone is comfortable with a group eyeball QSO, we are going ahead with our 1st Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Virtual Meeting via Zoom. This platform is in wide use and many are familiar with its operation. If you prefer you can also join by audio only.

The meeting is scheduled to start next Monday September 21st at 8:00 pm.
There should be lots to talk about since we have not seen each other for quite some time and I look forward to hearing about your radio adventures.

Our Sunday and Thursday nets have been a lot of fun. A wide range of topics are discussed in a very lively manner and have attracted quite a few new amateurs. We even had a call in from Nova Scotia John VA1JON on one of the Sunday morning nets. So you are welcome to join us at 28.730 MHz Thursdays at 7:00 PM and Sundays 10:30 AM Upper Side Band.

So please join us this Monday. It will be great to meet you all again and please bring your adventures and ideas to the meeting. The Zoom meeting details and instructions will follow shortly.