Thanks to Scarborough Amateur radio club.

I want to tell you Ralph, you really surprised me beyond anyone could do. I only thought you would fix the radio I had, I never anticipated a brand new radio.
When you asked me for my radio I thought you were going to sit down and tinker with it, I never ever thought you and all who helped you to pull this surprise to almost get speechless.
I wish you please kind sir, to pass my thanks to everyone of those who came to absolutely surprise the sox off me.
Thanks ever so much all, including Malcolm, and every one who were there.
It was much more then I ever thought a club like ours to pull this on me.
I have nothing more to say but thank you all.
Take care of you all, and may your Christmases be full of blessings, and from now on, may you all be healthier, and may the New years coming be better for all of you.
Thanks guys so very much!
Rudie VE3OUA

Northern Ontario Hamfest

Popularly known as "The North Bay Hamfest"

The attached photos are from the collection of a member of the Haslett family and are published with their kind permission.

One of the photos contains a pennant with the words: "North Bay, 7th N. Ontario Hamfest, July 1, 1954." According to this account by Gil Frederick VE4AG the hamfest began in Kirkland Lake in 1947, then moved to Sudbury, and then to North Bay. The Northern Ontario Hamfest still exists to the present day, sponsored by the Sudbury ARC.

Sure looks like the gang and their families had some fun.

SARC 2m net 2012-10-02

  • VE3PA Bill
  • VA3LIO Sunny
  • VE3CNA Gord
  • VE3BTR Tom
  • VE3NR Bert
  • VE3WMY Bill
  • VA3LMS Luc
  • VE3FJI Peter
  • Hosted by VE3VXY Ralph
  • Call used VE3WE SARC
  • 147.060MHz VE3RPT TFMCS
  • 1930 hr - 1957 hr

We would like to thank the TFMCS for the use of this repeater system.

Distracted Driving Law: Ontario Extends Exemption

RAC Bulletin 2012-057E – Distracted Driving Bulletin: Ontario Extends Exemption

The Radio Amateurs of Canada are today announcing written confirmation from Minister Bob Chiarelli of the Ontario Provincial Government regarding a five year extension of exemption to the Ontario distracted driving law. In his letter, Minister Chiarelli explains that the current exemptions for both Amateur Radio and Two Way Commercial Radios will be extended until January 1st, 2018.

Minister Chiarelli expresses his hope that in that time commercial hands free alternatives will be found for two way radios. While RAC finds victory in the five year extension, a permanent solution is desired and required.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada will continue to pursue a permanent exemption for Amateur Radio operators in Ontario. Similar exemptions already exist in many other provincial jurisdictions in Canada – thanks in part to the efforts of local amateurs and RAC’s national strategy to address distracted driving legislation.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada is Canada’s national voice for Amateur Radio. Our efforts not only promote the Amateur Radio Service but protect it from regulatory interference that may lead to less capability to provide emergency communications. Not already a RAC member? Why not join today at
and find out about the many benefits our members enjoy across the country and the world beyond.

Bill Gade, VE4WO
Regulatory Affairs