Last night the club held elections for the 2012 Board of Directors and Executive Panel. This was the first time in recent years that we had more than one candidate for several of the positions. Here is a list of the new Executive.

  • President: Ralph Muecke VE3VXY/VE3CIW
  • Vice-President: Luc Seguin VA3LMS
  • Secretary: Ray Chow VE3ZXC
  • Treasurer: Lambert Philadelphia VE3LYP
  • Communications Coordinator: Stewart Russell VA3PID
  • Education Coordinator: Nick Blacklock VE3EBC
  • Field Day Coordinator: Rod Long VE3SOY
  • Membership Coordinator: Antonio Tiongson VE3FDU

There were no candidates for the positions of Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer.

Congratulations to the new Executive and thanks to all members who participated in the election.