Field Day 2011

This year's Field Day will be at Heber Down Conservation Area at camp site Area 2.
Exit 401 at Brock St in Whitby, go north to Taunton Rd, west to Country Ln and north to Lyndebrook Rd., go east to first lane south, wait at gate and call on 446.025 Mhz to get in. Please note that this event is for club members only. Any non-members must contact us at any of our meetings prior to the event. MEMBERSHIP IS RECOMMENDED.

SARC 2m net, 2011-03-15

  • VE3BBF      Barry
  • VE3PA        Bill
  • VE3FJI        Peter
  • VE3XOF      Fred
  • VE3BGD     Malcolm
  • VE3VXY      Ralph
  • VE3LIC       Jim
  • VA3CEQ     Christian
  • VA3YD       Audrey
  • VE3NUR     John
  • VE3CNA     Gord
  • VA3IGD      Ian
Host:  VE3IEL    Bob
Call used:   VE3WE
Repeater used:  VE3RPT

Vote for the Tony Fegan Technical Award

Broadway has its Tony Award and so do we: introducing the Tony Fegan Technical Award!

This award is presented to the member (Licensed Amateur), who has expanded his/her own practical and technical knowledge and has demonstrated it to the club. It's named after Tony Fegan VE3QF (SK), who was a long-time member of SARC.

Members may receive this award more than once.

Nominations are open from now until March 28. Please use the nomination form in the members-only area (login required).