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1950s Field Day

Article by Doug Netherton, VE3MCF

These are pictures from a Field Day early in SARC's History. However, nobody wrote a date on any of the photographs, so I'm not sure what year it was. Also, not everybody's name is indicated, so there are several unknowns.

Ontario-wide ARES Simulated Emergency Test

From via Bob VE3IEL:

Ontario province-wide SET:

Toronto ARES SET:

Toronto ARES SET Net. Sat. Dec. 4th 2010 10.00 am – 2.00 pm
- Further information for Toronto ARES Group members is the following.

- We will operate our own local Toronto SET Net during the 4 hour period from 10.00 to 14.00 hrs ET.

- The net will be on our 2A VE3GTU repeater 145.130 MHz PL 103.5.

- The format will be simular to the G20 Net Activity that we had earlier this year with a new NCS for each hour.

- Stations should be prepared to receive and originate formal traffic test messages.

- We are seeking stations to take on the role of NCS for one hour. See the list below.

- Please inform Joe – VE3OV if you can cover an hour on Saturday Dec 4th.

10.00 AM – 11.00 AM – VA3 PRW – Peter
11.00 AM – 12.00 PM -
12.00 PM – 1.00 PM – VE3 VAJ – Robert
1.00 PM – 2.00 PM -

MS Walk report

This year, the Scarborough MS Walk was held on Sunday April 18th, 2010, with most of the activity in the morning hours beginning at 8:30 AM

The weather was good; and the turnout of people was also good. There were fifteen Amateur Radio operators available this year.

  • James VE3EMT, acted as our main headquarters control station.
  • The headquarters once again was at the lunch room of Cedarbrae Collegiate at Markham Rd and Eastpark Blvd.
  • Arpad VA3VAD was James' backup and liaison person with the headquarters staff.
  • Peter VE3FJI was situated at the entrance to the park area, not far from the headquarters area.
  • Gord VE3GIH was at the base of the Lawrence/McCowan bridge area.
  • Lance VA3LDX was situated at the Thomson Park watering station.
  • Dean VA3DBD, was located at the quarter mile mark as indicated on the bike & walk trail.
  • Christian VA3CEQ watched over the Birkdale sidewalk area at the Birkdale Ravine entrance.
  • Tom VE3BTR, kept watch over the Birkdale Centre watering station.
  • John VE3POJ, acted as our mobile trouble shooter & rover.
  • Benita VA3VAJ was positioned on the walkway where the stairs from Thomson park rise up to the Brimley Road area.
  • Robert VE3VAJ took up a position at the cross-walk lights from Thomson Park leading across Brimley Road.
  • Ray VE3ZXC, assisted with communications from the weary walker van.
  • The weary walker van once again was provided by a local Chrysler dealer.
  • Rudie VE3OUA, a white caner operator, made the attempt to walk the route which was ten kilometres for walkers.
  • Peter VA3PRW assisted Rudie and walked with him.

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