New Changes on the VE3TWR

NEW Changes on the VE3TWR


The TFMCS is moving forward with the new technology that is presented to us in today’s new Ham radio market


The VE3TWR repeater on 444.400 part of the TFMCS system.  In the past, this frequency and 145.41 have been linked together on a full time basis but now, those repeaters are unlinked and operating on their own.  While 145.41 is still linkable to the rest of the TFMCS system, 444.400 is part of a new Yaesu technology called System Fusion, is running in a dual mode configuration.  


1st mode is the traditional FM that you use today, you will require a 103.5Hz tone on transmit and receive of your radio to use the UHF side.  

2nd mode is C4FM digital voice that we are currently experimenting with and works with new Yaesu radios.  We hope you enjoy the new technology and look forward to your feedback via the TFMCS web site.

The TFMCS would like to thank Radioworld and Yaesu for sponsoring this new repeater system.

In support of this new technology from Radioworld, if you purchase a new radio please let them know that you are a member of TFMCS