This year, the Scarborough MS Walk was held on Sunday April 18th, 2010, with most of the activity in the morning hours beginning at 8:30 AM

The weather was good; and the turnout of people was also good. There were fifteen Amateur Radio operators available this year.

  • James VE3EMT, acted as our main headquarters control station.
  • The headquarters once again was at the lunch room of Cedarbrae Collegiate at Markham Rd and Eastpark Blvd.
  • Arpad VA3VAD was James' backup and liaison person with the headquarters staff.
  • Peter VE3FJI was situated at the entrance to the park area, not far from the headquarters area.
  • Gord VE3GIH was at the base of the Lawrence/McCowan bridge area.
  • Lance VA3LDX was situated at the Thomson Park watering station.
  • Dean VA3DBD, was located at the quarter mile mark as indicated on the bike & walk trail.
  • Christian VA3CEQ watched over the Birkdale sidewalk area at the Birkdale Ravine entrance.
  • Tom VE3BTR, kept watch over the Birkdale Centre watering station.
  • John VE3POJ, acted as our mobile trouble shooter & rover.
  • Benita VA3VAJ was positioned on the walkway where the stairs from Thomson park rise up to the Brimley Road area.
  • Robert VE3VAJ took up a position at the cross-walk lights from Thomson Park leading across Brimley Road.
  • Ray VE3ZXC, assisted with communications from the weary walker van.
  • The weary walker van once again was provided by a local Chrysler dealer.
  • Rudie VE3OUA, a white caner operator, made the attempt to walk the route which was ten kilometres for walkers.
  • Peter VA3PRW assisted Rudie and walked with him.

Once again we used the Toronto ARES roll-call system for communications control;
and used the Toronto ARES nominal radio call sign, VE3NCS, for net control station.
As Scarborough ARES EC, I became Site Manager for the Scarborough MS Walk radio communications. I used my home call VE3IEL.

Although this was a Toronto ARES communications exercise, many of the radio volunteers that participated are members of the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club.

Many pictures of this year’s MS Walk event were taken by our group. We do this as the pictures we take, quite often are the only ones for a record of the Scarborough Walk.

Repeater VE3TOR was once again used for the MS Walk communications. We have used VE3TOR with great effect in the past. It is my hope that we shall be able to use it again for future events.

Yours, Bob - VE3IEL
ARES Scarborough Emergency Coordinator for Amateur Radio communications.
[email protected]

Note from Bernie Pena VE3AOU, Trustee VE3TOR Repeater.

Wow, that's terrific Bob! So many fella's spread out around Scarborough, sounds like you had all of the bases covered......

Bob, simple words can't express how pleased I am to hear your group is utilizing VE3TOR for the MS walk. As far as I am concerned, your group can use TOR annually, for as many years as you are prepared to cover the MS walk. As long as it is on the air, enjoy TOR and congratulations on another successful public service event. You should all be proud of your contribution.

MS Walk report