SARC Member Awards

Tony Fegan Technical Award

This award is presented to the member (Licensed Amateur), who has expanded his/her own practical and technical knowledge and has demonstrated it to the club. It’s named after Tony Fegan VE3QF (SK), who was a long-time member of SARC.

  • 2011: Nick Blacklock VE3EBC

Members may receive this award more than once.

Amateur of the Year Award

This award is presented to the club member, (Licensed Amateur) who displays tireless enthusiasm, has made a substantial contribution to the club over the past year, and is nominated by a majority vote of club members. Members can only receive this award once. This award has been discontinued as of 2010.

  • 1981: Bob Chrysler VE3IEL
  • 1986: John Chapman VE3LM
  • 1989: Harvey Porter VE3LLO
  • 1990: Horace Caudrey VE3THC
  • 1992: Gord Hogarth VE3CNA
  • 1993: Mernie Swanson VE3URX
  • 1994: Tony Fegan VE3QF
  • 1995: Audrey Little VA3YD
  • 1996: Rob Murray VE3VGE
  • 1997: Roy Colucci VE3YOR
  • 1998: Earle Cardozo VE3KCO
  • 1999: Jim Mulgrew VA3JPM
  • 2000: Peter Prasad VE3FJI
  • 2001: Jim McCleary VA3PII
  • 2002: Fred Fox VE3XOF
  • 2004: Bernadine Dinnard-Williams J73BDW/VE3
  • 2005: Lauri Schmucker VA3SLA
  • 2006: Nick Blacklock VE3EBC
  • 2007: Ray Chow VE3ZXC
  • 2008: Rod Long VE3SOY
  • 2009: Ralph Muecke VE3VXY/VE3CIW
  • 2010: Ian Gibbard VA3IGD

Jim Hildreth VE3BZQ Memorial Award

The Jim Hildreth Award is awarded by the club executive to the member (Licensed Amateur) who has made significant contributions to the club over a number of years. This award may be awarded more than once to a club member.

  • 1987: Ken Grant VE3FIT
  • 1988: Harvey Porter VE3LLO
  • 1989: Horace Caudrey VE3THC
  • 1990: Forbes Simpson VE3EOD
  • 1991: Bill Cate VE3HR
  • 1992: (no award)
  • 1993: Bill Roork VE3MBF
  • 1994: John Chapman VE3LM
  • 1995: Audrey Little VE3WJD
  • 1996: Doug Netherton VE3MCF
  • 1997: Gord Hogarth VE3CNA
  • 1998: Forbes Simpson VE3EOD
  • 1999: Salt Jones VE3PJ
  • 2000: Robert Chrysler VE3IEL
  • 2001: Bill Cate VE3HR
  • 2002: Bill Catlender VE3ILE
  • 2003: Earle Cardozo VE3KCO
  • 2004: Peter Prasad VE3FJI
  • 2005: Gord Hogarth VE3CNA
  • 2006: Bill Cate VE3HR
  • 2007: Gord Hogarth VE3CNA
  • 2008: Bill Catlender VE3ILE
  • 2009: Lambert Philadelphia VE3LYP
  • 2010: Nick Blacklock VE3EBC
  • 2011: Rod Long VE3SOY

President’s Award

The President’s Award was designed to recognize club members who may or may not be licensed amateurs. The recipient of this award is chosen by the current president to be recognized for contributions to the club in the current year. The award will not necessarily be awarded on an annual basis.

Past recipients are:

  • 1997: Weldon Cromwell VE3ILN
  • 1998: Prescilla Schimpfle
  • 2004: Peter Prasad VE3FJI
  • 2005: Nick Blacklock VE3EBC
  • 2008: Joe Ditta VA3JDX, Lambert Philadelphia VE3LYP, Ray Chow VE3ZXC, Bob Chrysler VE3IEL and Audrey Little VA3YD
  • 2009: Lambert Philadelphia VE3LYP, Ralph Muecke VE3VXY, Gord Hogarth VE3CNA, Ray Chow VE3ZXC
  • 2010: Luc Seguin VA3LMS and Edgar Grajales VE3WTR

SARC awards for on-air activity

First 100 CW QSO’s for SARC class grads

This award is presented to encourage newly licensed members to participate in on air contacts using CW. The grads from SARC classes will have the opportunity to receive this award if they present a log showing NAME, DATE, TIME, CALL and QTH of stations contacted using CW within the first 12 months of being licensed. Another Licensed Amateur verifying log must sign log.