2023-02-14 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Hello SARC and Friends

This is a Hybrid / Zoom meeting which will be held at the Don Montgomery Centre Eglinton and Kennedy as well as online by Zoom.

Feature presentation:

Adrian VA3NNA has successfully built has Arduino controller for is satellite station. He will give us a brief run down of the trials and tribulations he encountered especially related to internal noise issues. He has done a marvellous job on making a unique and useful design right from scratch. This will be of great interest to not only the home brewers but to any ham dealing with noise issues. His thoughts on the troubleshooting process should be very informative. Thanks Adrian.

Postcard Campaign:

There are ideas kicking about concerning the postcard campaign. We have the data counts from the database QRZ lookups. Thanks for your help, which is greatly appreciated. I will have some analysis of this data we can discuss and then decide who in the database gets to receive one of our beautiful postcards.

Club Transceiver Project:

There are so many choices. For all practical purposes the DL2MAN (tr)uSDX is our target build. This will be a fun club build and we have the talent to make this happen. Some more discussion is welcome during this meeting.

Club Web Page:

This is an ongoing project and we can talk further on its development.


Let's continue our discussion on various club outings so we can plan our year. Some suggestions were the Ontario Science Centre, The National Air Force Museum of Canada - Trenton, HMCS OJIBWA - Port Burwell and the Hammond Museum of Radio - Guelph etc.

Radio Events:

From our last discussion there are very few ham local ham fests going on this year. It is unfortunate that some of the bigger ones are not being hosted this year.
Let's talk about another Antenna Day, Field Day, Lighthouses on the Air, Parks on the Air etc. Some of these events are date stamped so we should consider a VE3WE calendar of this years activities.

I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday in person at the Montgomery centre or by Zoom.

73 Duncan VE3GNI

SARC hybrid meeting 2023-02-14