2023-06-10 @ 12:00 – 18:00
Grey Abbey Park
180 Greyabbey Trail
ON M1E 1V9

Hello SARC and Friends

Saturday June 10 is the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club`s Antenna Day.

This is a special day where we get to spend some outdoor time with our fellow hams exploring the wonderful world of antennas.

Antennas are one of the most important parts of an amateur radio station whose performance can make or break a QSO. Unlike other station
components the antenna determines the effectiveness of both the received and transmitted signals.

So bring along your ideas, your antenna experiments, your tools, your knowledge and your experience. We will delve into the mysterious art of
antenna design, tuning, measurement and hopefully come away with some new insights on antennas.

Grey Abbey Park is a small park with limited resources but is ideal for our needs.There are no washroom facilities, however the Guildwood GO station is a few
minutes away. It is a lightly used park that has an open area on the bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario with a few trees and benches. A wire rope fence with
sturdy wooden posts should be great supports for our masts.

A generator will be available for power along with some fibreglass mast sections to mount the antennas. Various test instruments will be available to
analyse the antennas. Who knows we may even make a few contacts.

Grey Abbey park is located east off the end of Morningside Ave.

We will start around Noon and end around 6 PM.

Bring along some snacks and refreshments to share. We should have a great Antenna Day.

Antenna Day June 10, 2023

Antenna Day 2023-06-10