VA3XPR repeater

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VA3XPR: The New Voice of Downtown Toronto

On September 25th, 2011, a new voice was added to the Amateur Radio community of downtown Toronto. This new voice is the VA3XPR repeater, which was moved to its new home in St. James Town, a neighbourhood of downtown Toronto. What sets this repeater apart from others in the Greater Toronto Area is its unique purpose, which is to:

1. Create a sense of community and promote diversity within St. James Town and adjacent neighbourhoods of Toronto;
2. Act as a catalyst for education & learning and to promote the growth of Amateur Radio;
3. Provide an alternate means of communications in the event of an emergency or natural disaster in the downtown Toronto area.

The VA3XPR repeater can be accessed on 441.950+ with a PL tone of 100.0 Hz. In addition to its excellent coverage area, it provides licensed amateurs with access to IRLP and Echolink for global communications. All uses of the repeater that support the above objectives are most welcome and strongly encouraged.

For more information on the VA3XPR repeater, please visit its information page, which can be found at

For further information, contact:

Don Trynor
[email protected]