10M PSK NET – Update

Hi all,

I have stopped holding regular PSK31 net on 10M due to lack of particiapation. The frequency is still available and feel free to check in on Thursday nights after the phone net. If you find some activity on the waterfall it's probably one of us. If there is more than 1 particiapant, feel free to have a QSO and forward me the names, I will add them to the official log. PSK31 is a great mode  and I hope we will continue to see increase in the number of participants in days ahead. We will eventually bring back a formal net with more activities.


VA3SIF [email protected]

Change of Frequency

Note that someone is jamming and retransmitting  jiberish on our simplex frequency, I think we should use VE3TOR repeater for now and most of us should be able to hit it in Scarborough. And for those who have HF in the mobile we will use our Club Ferquency on 10 meters in USB. I will keep my radio on 10 meters usb and my VHF on VE3TOR repeater.

Thanks Ralph

Harold on the air

To the SARC members.

Harold VE3EBK (now VE1EBK) who relocated out east to the Halifax region is now back on the air. With assistance from Steven  VA3DUN (& Lorie), Harold now has his G5RV up and working.

Harold would like to start up his 20M Net on Saturday’s ounce again, at 10:00am EST. on 14,125 Mhz. Steve said he would re-build his 20 Meter Loop that was damaged in one of his moves and will try to check-in as well. Anyone interested in testing out their 20 M gear is very welcome to give it a try on Saturday mornings. Harold and the gang also meet on Echolink on Thursday evenings at 7:00 EST.






Coffee night

This is a reminder of our coffee night at Tim Hortons, 75 Ellesmere Rd (between Victoria Park and Pharmacy, outside Parkway Mall). We'll be there on Tuesday, July 12 starting around 7 PM. Hope you can drop by.