SARC 2m net 2012-04-24

  • VE3FJI Peter
  • VE3CNA Gord
  • VE3NR Bert
  • VE3LMS Luc
  • VA3KRS Kenneth
  • VE3AJF Amnon
  • Hosted by VE3VXY Ralph
  • Call used VE3WE SARC
  • 147.060 MHz VE3RPT TFMCS
  • 1900 hr – 1951 hr

We would like to thank the TFMCS for the use of this repeater system.


66th Anniversary party

I would like to thank everyone that came out, The food was fantastic, Absolutely great tasting home baked cake thanks to Gail and Rod for transporting it to us and helping to eat it. We also had all the new items that are listed on our store page on display and for sale at the party, So please come and place your order now for the stuff is selling like hotcakes and will be in short supply soon. We had great time and hope to see you all soon again.

Thanks Ralph ve3vxy

President SARC

SARC 2 METER NET 2012-4-17

VE3PA            BILL


VE3IGD         IAN

VE3CNA        GORD


VA3KRS        KEN

VE3FJI          PETER

VA3EOJ        JOE


Hosted by VA3LMS         LUC