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SARC 10m net, 2011-01-02

I took the phone portion of the 10 Meter net this morning, January 2, 2011 from 1530 UTC to 1603 UTC and the following checked-in and rag-chewed:   VE3OBU, VE3KCO, VE3FJI.

Earle was net control for the CW portion.

73 de Gord, VE3CNA

SARC 2m net, 2010-09-14

I was net control for the SARC 2 meter net last night at 7:30 pm and the stations checking in were:

  • VE3SF, Ron;
  • VA3RVT, Rod;
  • VE3VXY, Ralph;
  • VE3GDB, Cameron;
  • VE3KCO, Earle;
  • VE3FJI,  Peter;
  • VE3PA,  Bill;
  • VE3LEW, Dave;
  • VE3IEL,   Bob;
  • VE3SOY,  Rod;
  • VE3BTR, Tom;
  • VE3ILG,  Ramon; and
  • VE3PII/Mobile, Jim.
There were 13 checkins plus 1 for me VE3CNA, using VE3WE for a total of 14.      Pretty good.
73 de Gord, VE3CNA