Scarborough Amateur Radio Club
General Meeting
12 September 2011

This meeting took place at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre.

Welcome back to all members.

Ralph VE3VXY (President) called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM

Bank balance as of 31 Aug 2011 was $2227.06.

80m net started over the summer and we had several check-ins from some of our former members who now live far away from Toronto.

10m net activity has been very low over the summer but we will keep it running for now.

As of 1 September, Earle VE3KCO has transferred custodianship of the VE3WE call sign to Gord VE3CNA. Thanks to Earle for his many years providing this service on behalf of the club.

Ralph VE3VXY announced that we will be starting a project to create a database that will collect club QSL cards and contest records. Ralph has taken over the SARC page on QRZ, and Gord has taken responsibility for the eQSL and Hamcall information for the club.

We would also like to design a new club QSL card. All design ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Field Day at Heber Down was successful. In January we will book for the site for next year’s Field Day. Nick VE3EBC set up a single multi-operator station at his farm for the Canada Day contest.

Salvation Army (SATERN) is interested in giving a talk to the club. Date to be announced.

Asif VA3SIF asked whether the club would be interested in operating any contests/emergency exercises during the winter. To be discussed at future meeting.

Don VA3XFT asked what the club was doing to attract members, and suggested we should do a membership drive. He offered to draft a plan for a membership drive for discussion at the executive panel.

Need volunteers to buy snacks/cream/milk for coffee – club will reimburse expenses.

Ian VA3IGD donated HDTV antenna. Tony VE3FDU bought it, paying $5 to the club.


Round table discussion

Meeting adjourned 9 PM.

Participate – Learn – Enjoy