Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
General Meeting
28 February 2011

Chair: Ralph VE3VXY, President

Ralph VE3VXY called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM

Welcome to our newest member, Stewart Russell, who is studying for his basic licence.

Ralph demonstrated an ATV scanner (from Tony VE3QF).

Field Day
No site yet. Town of Ajax wanted extra money for portable toilets. Bolton (Toronto Conservation Authority) site may still be available. Ralph will follow up. Rod VE3SOY is making inquiries with the Scarborough Mission. Ralph mentioned that city of Toronto sites require a refundable $3000 deposit to cover cleanup costs, and overnight stays are not allowed.

Nets (Bob VE3IEL)
10 m Sunday net – Bob is not available most Sundays and would like to know if someone else can pick up this net. He is available to handle net control on Tuesday or Thursday. RAC has asked whether we can read the RAC bulletin on one or more of our nets. 10 m net is probably most appropriate for an edited version of the bulletin. We have used 146.520 simplex as an alternate for the 2 m net (this is a national calling frequency). Gord VE3CNA suggested we use a different simplex frequency to avoid complaints.

MS Walk
Ralph has been talking with Robert VE3VAJ who usually participates at this event. Up to now this has been an ARES event, but many participating radio operators are SARC members. Ralph would like our club to take over the net control function. We have used the VE3TOR repeater with permission from its owner Bernie VE3AOU. We may also use VE3RPT as a backup (the club has an associate membership with TFMCS). Gord suggested we could make a special donation to TFMCS for the use of their repeaters. Call for volunteers for walk.

Saturday, March 5 is Ralph’s 50th birthday. Help him celebrate at Mother Tucker’s at Eglinton/Warden starting around 5 PM.

Bob VE3IEL mentioned that the Legion where he is a member has a seniors’ dance/dinner on Sunday, April 10. $18/person + open bar.

Nick VE3EBC brought in an issue of Practical Wireless (UK) magazine. Of interest was an article regarding a resident of Hull, England who was convicted of interfering with amateur radio activities using radio equipment without a licence. The penalty was 4 months imprisonment and 18 months suspended sentence, along with electronic monitoring and forfeiture of vehicle and radio equipment.

Break – Draw (took in $16)

Round table

Meeting adjourned at 9 PM.

Participate – Learn – Enjoy