2011-01-10 (Annual General Meeting)

Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Annual General Meeting
January 10, 2011

This meeting took place at the Seniors Lounge, Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre.

2010 President Bernadine Dinnard-Williams called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

Ray VE3ZXC moved that the minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting be accepted. Ralph VE3VXY seconded. Motion carried.


Bob VE3IEL reports that Cameron VE3GDB has been away, and in any case it would be best to have a club member doing the nets. Bob will carry on doing the Tuesday night net or appoint someone else to do it. He encouraged members to check in more frequently – most members have 2m equipment and can reach VE3RPT. Bob is away every other weekend but will do 10m nets when he is home. The 10m nets are lightly used.

Ray VE3ZXC has been working with Gord VE3CNA to add archival material to the website. The newsletter could use some more articles from members and all submissions are welcome.

Gord VE3CNA has been writing a column for Wavelength with interesting material from the club archives. This includes old SARC bulletins, photos, etc. Gord also thanked Bernadine for her hard work as president.

Field Day:
Rod VE3SOY stepped down as Field Day coordinator but will help Asif VA3SIF wherever possible.

Ian VA3IGD has stepped down as coordinator and will be helping Tony VE3FDU to transfer membership information. So far 22 people have paid for 2011.


Ralph VE3VXY assisted Bernadine as much as possible. Surgery on his left arm was not successful so he will need to have another operation.


Nothing to report.


Bernadine VE3YDB thanked the executive and members for a successful year.

Hand over to new executive

New president Ralph VE3VXY thanked members for support. He outlined several new ideas to improve the club. It’s possible that we will be moving our meetings to a new location. City Parks & Recreation has recommended various sites in Scarborough, including Jack Goodlad Park (Kennedy/Lawrence), Milliken Park, and McGregor Park. In particular, Jack Goodlad Park has a clubhouse where we might be able to set up a club station. Gord VE3CNA mentioned that many members are downsizing and no longer have the facilities to operate HF at home, so it would be good to have even a modest station.

Insurance fees have increased significantly this year. Discussion about implications of the new policy coverage.

Anniversary party: we should plan for a simple low-key affair as our budget is very limited. Booking a hall is too expensive, so we may look for a restaurant or just have some light refreshments at our meeting room.


Ralph VE3VXY is also on the board of TFMCS. They have a lot of archive material dating back to the 1960s (about 10 boxes). Gord offered to help with suggestions for organizing and presenting the material, but thought that it should be part of the TFMCS website.

The TFMCS 6m repeater is dying. SARC has one that we had considered putting into operation. TFMCS is willing to donate space for our repeater at Uxbridge or the CN Tower.

TFMCS is planning to be at some upcoming hamfests and is willing to share table space with SARC.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

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