Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

General Meeting

September 27, 2010

This meeting took place at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre.

7:16 PM – Vice-President Ralph Muecke VE3VXY called the meeting to order.

Long-time SARC member Tony Fegan VE3QF passed away last Monday. Gord Hogarth VE3CNA spoke briefly about Tony and called for a moment of silence in his honour.

Ralph had a meeting with Mark Latremouille and Gord Bacon regarding the antennas on the roof of the community centre. They are generally in support of our plan but just need to get an OK from the engineers.

Nick VE3EBC did a presentation on a spectrum analyzer.

8:10-8:30 PM – break

Gord introduced guest Mike VE3EAD(?)

Bert VE3OBU said a few words about Tony VE3QF and informed the club of the celebration of Tony’s life to be held at the Satellites meeting on Wednesday.

Nick continued his presentation.

9:30 PM – Bernadine VE3YDB thanked Nick for his presentation, reminded members to pay their membership dues, and mentioned a few other upcoming items. Meeting adjourned.

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