Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Inc.

General Meeting

June 14, 2010

The president, Bernadine Dinnard-Williams, VE3YDB called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

This meeting took place at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre.

Congratulations to Rob Brander VE3ETL, our newest licensed operator.

This is a Field Day discussion meeting. We are tentatively expecting to operate 9 stations plus a get-on-the-air station.

Band plan is as follows:

40/80m CW – Bert VE3OBU and Mike VE3GFN

Luc is away on business so his trailer is not available. Bob can provide a dining tent.

40m SSB – Peter VE3FJI/Lambert VE3LYP/Bernadine VE3YDB/Ray VE3ZXC

80m SSB – Nick VE3EBC/Amy B.

20m SSB/CW? GOTA – Bob VE3IEL/Dean VA3DBD/Rob VE3ETL/Joy VA3SIF – Bob has contacted Bill VE3HR to ask if we can again use his call sign for the GOTA station.

2m SSB/FM and talk-in on 146.52 simplex and VE3RPT – Ian VA3IGD

10m SSB – Ralph VE3VXY/Rod VE3SOY

15m SSB – not confirmed

PSK31 (band TBD) – Dwaine VE3GIF


Thomas VA3TSE will be on a mountain top somewhere in Germany and will be doing PSK31.

2m/70 cm and 1.2 GHz – Arpad VA3VAD

Bring your own extension cords and power bars.

Meeting adjourned 9 PM.

Participate – Learn – Enjoy