Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
General Meeting
January 25, 2010

This meeting took place at the Seniors Lounge, Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre

Vice-President Ralph Muecke VE3VXY called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM.

As of today we have 25 paid members for 2010. Ray will send Ian an updated membership list.

Rod VE3SOY has paid the deposit for the site rental at Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area for Field Day, noting our concerns about the toilet facilities last year.

Ralph distributed copies of the press release for Field Day, for any members who would like to hand them out.

Ralph said he would ask Earle VE3KCO if he would be interested in resuming CW classes at Tech Night on Fridays.

Congratulations to our members who have recently written the Basic exam: Dean Dalrymple VA3DBD, and Asif Ahmed VA3SIF.

Ralph brought in the jacket he ordered from Mark’s Work Wearhouse – unfortunately they goofed on the call sign so he is taking it back to have it corrected. This is a spring/fall jacket with a hood. Cost was $62.99 + $11 for embroidery (name, call sign and “Scarborough Amateur Radio Club”) + tax. T-shirts, ball caps and golf shirts are also available.

Repeater committee met last week. Ian posted an ad on the Ontario Swap Shop for spare equipment for the repeater. Nick VE3EBC said that we should not use a frequency that is already in use.

Discussion on call sign for repeater: As the custodian of the club call sign VE3WE, Earle VE3KCO questioned whether we could use the same call sign for the repeater. Any advanced operator can operate a repeater, but regulations state that one call sign can’t be on air from two places at once. Bill VE3PA says we should consult with Industry Canada. Bob VE3IEL says we should not use VE3WE for the repeater without the custodian’s consent or knowledge, although there are other cases where multiple repeaters do use the same call sign (e.g. the ARES linked repeater system). Luc pointed out that his repeater announcement says “VE3WE hosted by VA3LMS”. Nick and Rod pointed out that the repeaters are currently in test mode only, so final call sign has not been decided. We have not yet submitted paperwork to WNYSORC for coordination purposes.

There are obviously more issues to be discussed, so the repeater committee will meet again on January 27 at 7 PM at Route 66 Bar & Grill (Eglinton Square).

Antenna committee: nothing to report

Peter VE3FJI notes that participation on the Sunday 10m net (CW at 10:00 AM, SSB at 10:30) has been quite low, and would like to encourage more members to participate. Frequency is 28.730 MHz.


Prizes courtesy of Ian VA3IGD and Peter VE3FJI. Raffle took in $26.

Nick is planning to put up 160m antennas at his farm and asked for ideas. He is thinking about making a vertical monopole, with 4-6 sections of light TV tower. Bill VE3PA suggested that Nick should talk with Bert VE3OBU and Rahman VE3ILG who have done something similar. Gord VE3CNA noted that 160m has been quiet at his cottage.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Participate – Learn – Enjoy