2010-01-11 (Annual General Meeting)

Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Annual General Meeting
January 11, 2010

This meeting took place at the Seniors Lounge, Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre.

Vice-President Ralph Muecke VE3VXY called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Welcome to our guest, Asif Ahmed.

Membership: as of today, 21 paid members for 2010. Ian VA3IGD is reviewing old membership lists and will be contacting past members who have not rejoined.

Treasurer Lambert VE3LYP reports that as of January 7 we had $2540.52 in the bank. He will be contacting Peter VE3FJI to review the books for the past year.

Education Coordinator Ralph VE3VXY reports that Dean Dalrymple and Asif Ahmed will be writing their Basic exams soon. Ralph is open to suggestions for tech nights, which continue to run every Friday night. He has some projects in mind, including building crystal radio circuits and Yagi antennas. He will speak to community centre management about the noise problems with the room next door.

Field Day Coordinator Rod VE3SOY has booked the Open Acres site at Bruce’s Mill.

Repeater committee meeting will be held next Wednesday night at Route 66, as Ralph is going in for surgery tomorrow and won’t be available this week. Nick VE3EBC reports that the repeater at his QTH has seen about 8 hours of use so far, with 1400 individual visitors.

Ralph brought in the Mark’s Work Wearhouse/Imagewear catalogue. His sample jacket should be arriving soon.

Archives Coordinator Gord VE3CNA reports that there have been few additions in the past year. The archives are stored in 12 boxes at his QTH.

Outgoing Communications Coordinator Bob VE3IEL reports that he missed many of the nets because of work obligations, and thanked those who filled in as net coordinator. For the Sunday morning 10m net, Earle VE3KCO is thinking of reversing the order of the CW and SSB portions of the net. The Thursday evening 10m net usually has only 3 or 4 people checking in. Hugh VE3HAG is the new coordinator, but is unable to do the 10m nets because he doesn’t have a suitable antenna. Ralph suggested posting the net activity reports to the website.

Break – prizes from Gord VE3CNA

Gord also brought in a Speed-X key made by E.F. Johnson. Rudy VE3HXB is selling the key and will donate proceeds to the club.

Bob VE3IEL moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.

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