Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

General Meeting

December 7, 2009

This meeting took place at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre.

The president, Bernadine VE3YDB, called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

Education coordinator Ralph VE3VXY missed most of the fall classes for medical reasons. He thanked Lambert, Nick, Hugh, Bob, and Rod for all their help. Classes have finished for the season and we are now running tech nights on Friday evenings.

Field Day coordinator Rod VE3SOY reports that we had a successful Field Day again this year with more participation (and points) and no injuries.

Communications coordinator Bob VE3IEL missed many nets because of work commitments. For that reason he will not stand for this position in 2010.

Membership: Joe VA3JDX and Ray VE3ZXC report that there were about 40 paid-up members in 2009.

Treasurer Lambert VE3LYP reports that as of November 30 we have $2799.75 in the bank. Updated report will be available soon.

Archives: Gord VE3CNA reminds members that any photos, minutes, news, mementos are welcome.

Newsletters: Ray VE3ZXC says new Wavelength will be out next week. Thanks to all who contributed articles, and keep them coming!

Bernadine thanked all members of the executive for their contributions over the year. The education program has brought in several new members – Dean Dalrymple will write his basic exam in January. Thanks to the members of the repeater committee and antenna committee.

Peter VE3FJI passed along regrets from Len VE3LXB and Earle VE3KCO who were unable to attend tonight’s meeting.

Jackets: As discussed at executive meeting, Mark’s Work Wearhouse has our art work/logos on file so setup fee is not required. Ralph VE3VXY contacted Mark’s and we have a cash account so members can order any item. He ordered a spring jacket for himself, which cost $59+embroidery fee. Members can go to Mark’s, order whatever item they want from the catalogue, and get 10% off with our account code. Luc VA3LMS also contacted Mark’s and confirmed there is no extra charge for large/tall sizes. The prices are lower than the suppliers we had previously considered, and there is no requirement for a minimum order. Members voted on Audrey’s motion to end discussion. Motion carried.

Bob VE3IEL moved that those who have already paid for jackets (that were not ordered) should have money refunded. Audrey seconded. Motion carried.



President – Peter and Hugh nominated Bernadine VE3YDB. No other nominations.

Vice-President: Audrey and Gord nominated Ralph VE3VXY. Edgar nominated Rod VE3SOY but he declined. No other nominations.

Secretary: Peter and Audrey nominated Ray VE3ZXC. No other nominations.

Treasurer: Peter and Audrey nominated Lambert VE3LYP. No other nominations.

Assistant Treasurer: No nominations.

Assistant Secretary: No nominations.

Membership Coordinator: Audrey nominated Ian VA3IGD who volunteered to stand. No other nominations.

Field Day: Audrey nominated Rod VE3SOY. No other nominations.

Communications: Gord and Audrey nominated Hugh VE3HAG. No other nominations.

Nick VE3EBC has agreed to continue as examiner. Gord VE3CNA and Audrey VA3YD will continue as archivists.

Audrey moved that the elections be closed. Motion carried.

Christian VA3CEQ suggests we concentrate our efforts toward getting the repeater up and running. Luc VA3LMS has requested 2m frequency 147.990 (currently unoccupied) for testing. Equipment is ready to go. Possible locations include a 60-foot tower on Lawrence between Morningside and Port Union, and a retirement home nearby. Ian VA3IGD requests donations for a UHF repeater. Nick VE3EBC has set up a 70cm repeater at his QTH on non-protected frequency 443.950 (PL tone 100.0 Hz) with 5 W output.

Bernie VE3OTR mentioned that York Region ARC is getting malicious interference from an uncoordinated repeater.


Show and tell:

Luc brought in a signal generator. Ralph brought in some code practice oscillators.

Peter thanked the executive members for their contributions. Bob mentioned that commercial AM frequency 980 kHz in Peterborough is now unoccupied.

Audrey moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.

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