Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

General Meeting

November 23, 2009

This meeting took place at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre.

President Bernadine Dinnard-Williams VE3YDB called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

Reminder: elections will be on December 7. All positions are open.

Christmas party will be on December 14.

Bernadine received a message from the family of a deceased ham who had accumulated a collection of radio equipment. Gord suggested that they could sell the equipment through the Ontario Swap Shop,  or through an intermediary such as Walter VE3FJC.

Discussion on jackets:

Audrey VA3YD moved that we take a vote to decide whether or not to continue the debate on jackets or end it this evening. Bob VE3IEL seconded.

Summary of discussion:

  • club jackets less important than before because club no longer has group activities
  • first time we had jackets was in 1977 when club hosted ARRL convention
  • jackets can be useful to identify club members at flea markets
  • main sticking point seems to be the price because vendor charges extra for large sizes, and for embroidery, etc.

Nick VE3EBC moved to table the motion because it requires further discussion and we need to get on with the meeting. Dean seconded this amendment. Amendment carried.

Repeater committee – Nick VE3EBC

Committee met November 16 (Nick, Ralph, Rod, Ian, Lambert – Ian and Ken were unavailable).

Topics discussed:

  1. Site – don’t have one yet, but could set up temporarily at Nick’s QTH before selecting permanent location. Luc VA3LMS suggested several locations with good coverage in Scarborough that might be available.
  2. Coordination with WNYSORC (repeater council) – Ralph contacted them and was told there was a 5-6 year waiting list for a frequency. Submit application and run preliminary tests at temporary location – fee is $20.
  3. Callsign/custodian – VE3BXT? Could also use VE3WE – though Bob suggests this is not possible because a club can’t have a 2-letter suffix. Gord VE3CNA says our use of VE3WE is grandfathered, though new 2-letter assignments to clubs are no longer possible.
  4. Equipment – Ian offered 2 pre-programmed Motorola radios. Nick has some 2m equipment, and Luc has 2m and 70cm repeaters he had previously used in Ottawa.
  5. Band – 2m and 70cm bands are generally full in urban areas. Luc says we can use any non-standard frequency for experiments. Nick would prefer to stick to standard frequencies but use a shared non-protected pair for testing. Hugh asked about crossband use – Luc says WNYSORC doesn’t coordinate crossband at all. 6m/1.4m operation possible but less useful since many members don’t have equipment for these bands.
  6. Cost – $20 for application to WNYSORC; equipment already owned by club members; maintenance costs to be determined; operating cost depends on what we decide to do.
  7. Target date – can set up testing right now; results will determine what happens next.

Antenna project:

Nick and Rod did a site inspection. Mark L, our contact at the community centre, indicated that the building could be used for emergency purposes, and if club members make themselves available to do emergency communications functions we might be able to get any installation work done for free.

Bob related what happened when management changes at Red Cross led to loss of access to an ARES repeater at Red Cross headquarters.

Ralph brought in some Vietnam War-era radio gear.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM

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