Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
General Meeting
October 26, 2009
Don Montgomery Community Centre

The president, Bernadine VE3YDB called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Welcome to our guest Neil Sanderson VE3NGS and new member Dean Dalrymple.

We held our first CW class immediately before the meeting. Earle VE3KCO and Peter VE3FJI introduced the G4FON CW trainer software and gave a short lesson. CW practice sessions will be held starting at 6 PM on the same night as the regular meeting.

Arelys Walcott from Philips gave a presentation about Lifeline. This is a monitored service that provides medical assistance in the event of an emergency. See http://www.lifeline.ca/ for more details.

Treasurer’s report – Lambert VE3LYP
As of September 30 we had $2289.43 in the bank.

Ralph VE3VXY is recovering from his recent surgery. Audrey VA3YD is doing well.

Thanks to Nick, Joe and Edgar for the raffle prizes, which included a frequency counter, a set of carving knives, a compass, speakers and wire.

Joe VA3JDX brought in some sample jackets from Karsuh Activewear. The members selected the nylon jacket with polar fleece lining. Price will be approximately $60 + tax.

Ian VA3IGD proposed that the club should have its own repeater. He has two Motorola radios that he is willing to donate to the project, if the club can get it completed within six months. This led to a discussion of the next steps. Gord VE3CNA suggested setting up a repeater committee that will deal with these issues. Ian, Rod VE3SOY, Nick VE3EBC, Ken VE3TQT, Ralph VE3VXY and Lambert VE3LYP had expressed interest in this before. Members present voted to support this idea. Accordingly, we will devote the November 23 meeting to this discussion.

Next meeting will be on November 9. Joe will bring in a National Geographic video about the discovery of the Bismarck.

Last year we decided to have the elections on a different night from the Christmas party, to make it easier for members to invite guests.

December 7 will be election night. All positions on the board of directors and executive panel are open, and all club members in good standing are eligible to vote and are encouraged to stand for office.

Christmas party will be on December 14.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.

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