Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
General Meeting
September 28, 2009
Don Montgomery Community Centre

President Bernadine Dinnard-Williams VE3YDB called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Friday night class has 3 students so far. Welcome to our new student, Dean Dalrymple. Ralph will be in hospital next week for surgery. Lambert is unavailable to teach this week, so Bob will take the class.

Earle VE3KCO asked whether the club would consider having a CW class. Members were in favour of this idea. Bernadine VE3YDB asked if Earle would be willing to teach the course, and he agreed. Earle recommended that we aim to teach at no less than 10 words per minute. Bernadine will follow up with management to see if we can use the room earlier on Monday nights. Tony VE3FDU suggested using software such as the G4FON CW trainer, and Luc VA3LMS suggested we pick a frequency on 2m and send computer-generated CW for practice.

Hugh VE3HAG reminded members that the York Region hamfest will be happening on October 24.

Ken VE3TQT gave a short talk on free-to-air digital TV and satellite broadcasts.

Thanks to Ken VE3TQT for the raffle prizes, which included an Alinco handheld radio and Heil cables for a Kenwood radio.

Next meeting will be on October 26.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

Participate – Learn – Enjoy