Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Inc. General Meeting

The meeting was held at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre
in the Seniors’ lounge on May 25, 2009.

Bernadine VE3YDB (President) called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

CNIB Hamfest:

This was the second annual hamfest for the CNIB. There were fewer
vendors and lower revenues this year, though overall attendance was
good. Maple Leaf Communications was the only ham radio business
represented. Bob VE3IEL and Ray VE3ZXC helped with parking and security.
Ralph VE3VXY had to work so he was not able to set up a club table. RAC
also did not have a representative because both Geoff VA3GS and Stan
VE3TW were unavailable.

Welcome to our new member Ken McPherson VE3TQT.

Request from Toronto FM Communications Society:

Graham VA3GJG, the president of TFMCS, would like to document the use of
their repeaters. He has requested net controllers using VE3RPT to submit
check-in logs. Bob will follow up.

Discussion on the club’s use of TFMCS repeaters. SARC has used VE3RPT
for our Tuesday evening nets (also Senators net as noted by Peter
VE3FJI). Bob VE3IEL pointed out that TFMCS has always been a
non-commercial group dedicated to amateur radio activities. Bernadine
pointed out that repeaters require maintenance and that costs money.

Bob VE3IEL moved that the club become a member of the Toronto FM
Communications Society. Tony VE3FDU seconded. Motion carried.

Bill 118/RAC dicussion:

Bob noted that RAC has been very slow to respond to inquiries about Bill
118 – since they are a volunteer organization they don’t always respond
in a timely fashion.

Len VE3LXB pointed out that membership renewals take too long and RAC
does not issue receipts.

Earle VE3KCO noted that only about 10% of Canadian amateur operators are
members of RAC. RAC is obliged to represent all amateurs whether or not
they are members, so the way to make RAC more relevant is to encourage
hams to join RAC. He supported the proposed Bill 118 because in his
opinion people should not operate radios while driving.

Bernadine pointed out that having more RAC members in the club means
lower insurance fees.

Ken VE3TQT and Thomas VA3TSE suggested that RAC could have a membership
for clubs and an associate membership for members of such clubs. Bob
mentioned that SARC was once a member of ARRL, but that meant that ARRL
dictated the membership fee since individual members also had to join

Rudie VE3OUA asked why RAC was worthy of support if it was not doing
anything to help. In his opinion it was a mistake to drop the annual
licence fee since it no longer had any incentive to act on complaints.
Earle pointed out that the licence fee was paid to Industry Canada, not
to RAC. Industry Canada is responsible for spectrum management but does
not have enforcement powers, unlike the FCC in the US.


Raffle – prizes by Lambert VE3LYP and Ian VA3IGD

During the break, Ken and Bernadine spoke with the Navy Cadet group
which meets downstairs in the community centre. A group of Air Cadets
also meets here on Wednesdays. We have invited both groups to come and
join us on Field Day – perhaps we can get some new members there.

Field Day (Hugh VE3HAG for Rod VE3SOY):

We have booked the Open Acres site at Bruce’s Mill.
Friday night we will set up camp sites and generators. Saturday morning
we will set up antennas and stations. Club will provide log sheets for
those not using computer logging programs. Please remember to bring your
own extension cords, lamps, bug repellent, and other necessary items.
Pot luck supper will be on Saturday night. Bring your own food and drink
and a little extra to share.

Peter VE3FJI moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

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