2009-01-12 (Annual General Meeting)

Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Incorporated
2009 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting took place at the Don Montgomery Community
Recreation Centre on January 12, 2009.

Bernadine VE3YDB called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

Len VE3LXB, on behalf of Peter VE3FJI, made a correction to the minutes
of the 2008 Annual General Meeting. Ralph VE3CIW moved to accept the
minutes as amended. Ray VE3ZXC seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer (Lambert):

As of last week we had $2486 in the bank. Reconciliation of the bank
statement with the records shows a difference of about $2 in our favour.
Len VE3LXB moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Bob seconded. Motion

Education Coordinator (Ralph):

After a break for the holidays, classes resumed on January 9. We have 4
new members who are taking the classes.

Ralph is proposing to set aside two nights for projects on Friday
nights, with the exact dates to be determined. One will be for a kit
building class (no charge for class, but student must supply own kit or
purchase from Ralph). Another will be for an introduction to soldering
(materials fee $20 including kit). Non-members pay an extra $25. Anyone
who is interested may purchase kits directly from Ralph while supplies
last, and the club is not responsible for the kits.

Bernadine thanked Rod VE3SOY and the Field Day committee for their
efforts in 2008. Rod has agreed to be Field Day coordinator again this

The 2008 CNIB Hamfest was a success and we hope to participate again in
2009. Last time we had two tables, with one set aside for members
wishing to sell items. Since we had only one member selling, we will
only have one table this year and we will concentrate on promoting the

This year we will not participate in the Volunteer Service Awards since
we don’t have enough members who meet the criteria.

Club jackets (Ralph):

The price for the winter-weight bomber style jacket with club patch and
embroidered callsign is about $77 including tax. Ralph will have an
order form ready for the next meeting.

Elections (Bernadine):

This year we filled all the elected positions. Thanks to all who stood
for office and volunteered their time to the club. Welcome to
Vice-President Cyril VA3CJE, Communications Coordinator Bob VE3IEL, and
Assistant Secretary Amy Bautista.

Gord VE3CNA has been in contact with clubs in southern Ontario to revive
the Presidents’ Council. Ray has set up a mailing list on Google Groups
to allow the club presidents to discuss matters of common interest.


We have many activities planned for the spring term and will be posting
advance notice on the website.


Bob reminded members of the schedule for the nets, and noted that few
club members check into the nets regularly.


Nick spoke about an article in “After the Battle” (a historical
magazine) about the Gleiwitz incident (1939), which was a staged attack
against a German radio station that was used to justify the Nazi
invasion of Poland. The radio station is also notable for a wooden tower
that is 118 metres tall.

Raffle – prizes courtesy of Lambert

Bob VE3IEL attended the International Year of Astronomy festival at the
Ontario Science Centre. This year marks the 400th anniversary of
Galileo’s demonstration of his first telescope.

Hugh is working on an article about satellite tracking programs for an
upcoming issue of Wavelength.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM

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