Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Inc. General Meeting

The meeting was held at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre
in the Seniors’ lounge on November 24, 2008.

Bernadine VE3YDB called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

Treasurer’s report:

As of October 31 we have $2195.37 in the bank.

Bernadine has just returned from Dominica. She had hoped to operate via
IRLP but the repeaters were down the whole time she was there.

Classes (Ralph):

So far we have 3 new members plus Dwaine and Amy. Congratulations to
Lambert for his excellent presentation. Ralph is working on a
presentation about soldering. He would also like to have people working
on projects/kit building.

Bernie asked if anyone knew had information about 900 MHz data modems.
Bob said he heard that SPARC was looking into using these for APRS-type
operations. Further discussion about APRS and GPS included a mention of
an article in QST about the TinyTrak. Ralph pointed out that less
expensive units often don’t have data ports.


Bob has been working Tuesday nights so has missed a few nets. Bob and
Earle have been taking the 10 metre Sunday net. Thursday night sees
little activity. Len VE3LXB, Edgar VE3WTR, Harold VE3EBK and some of
Harold’s friends from Nova Scotia meet regularly on EchoLink on Thursday
nights around 7:30. Discussion about EchoLink vs. CQ100. EchoLink is
always free, while CQ100 has a 3-month grace period before you have to

Bernie mentioned that TFMCS is committed to changing IRLP repeaters to
use EchoIRLP to provide EchoLink support.

Bernie suggested that the club create a database of instruction sheets
for various radios that members have, with basic information like how to
enter a frequency, program memories, enter PL tones, etc. This will help
in an emergency situation or exercise where people may have to use
unfamiliar equipment. Members present agreed that this was a good idea.

Elections will be held on December 8, and the Christmas party on December 15,
to make it easier for guests to attend.

Raffle – prizes donated by Lambert

Bob offered to visit Apollo Sportswear to get more information on

Thanks to Bill VE3TM, Bob has a DVD copy of Empire on the Air which he
will show at a future meeting.

Bob moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Participate – Learn – Enjoy