Scarborough Amateur Radio Club
General Meeting of Monday 25th February (MINUTES)

Meeting began at 7:30 PM with President Bernadine Dinard Williams
VE3YDB in the chair. Special guest Bill Catlender VE3ILE was in
attendance to provide a demonstration of his recently acquired
Buddipole antenna system, his K1 QRP transceiver, and his Yaesu FT-817
compact multi band, multi mode, portable transceiver.

Bernadine, welcomed the members who attended, and gave a special
welcome to those who had not been out for some time. She welcomed Bill
VE3ILE, the special guest and presenter of the evening. Bernadine
then called upon the members to pay a penalty for not wearing their
club badges. Bob VE3IEL, Nick VE3EBC, and Bill VE3ILE, did not have
their badges; and, paid a one dollar fine.

Bernadine then reminded the members about nominations for our
Anniversary Awards. Audrey noted that nominations for the SARC
Amateur of the Year Award should be due the last general meeting in
March. Bernadine commented that the club should look closely at our
awards situation.

A discussion was held whether the Scarborough Club should have a table
at the CNIB Hamfest in May. Club members would be able to sell
unwanted articles; and, we could also use this opportunity to promote
the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club. The cost would be $20.00 for one
table. A motion was made by Bob VE3IEL that we acquire a table at the
CNIB Hamfest. The motion was seconded by Joe VA3JDX. The motion was
carried, that we would have a table at the CNIB Hamfest, held on the
24th May.

Bernadine mentioned that there had been good comments about our
Website. Bernadine also mentioned that Bob VE3IEL and Ray VE3ZXC had
produced February’s Wavelength newsletter.

Audrey VA3YD then announced that she as a member of the Doctors Lions
Club would collect used eyeglasses. She recalled how Bill Cate VE3HR,
in the past, collected used eyeglasses from members of our club. These
used eyeglasses are distributed to needy persons in third world
countries. Audrey shall collect used eyeglasses for her Lions Club to
pass on. The Lions send out over one million eyeglasses a year to
third world countries.

Bob VE3IEL then commented as how he had again been contacted by the MS
Society concerning their Super-Cities walk. This takes place Sunday
April 13, 2008. Bob mentioned that he had fliers for anyone
interested. He would hand these out during the coffee break.

Joe VA3JDX then made a comment about providing jackets. Joe commented
that he would like to change the colour of our jackets away from the
Royal Blue that we have always used.

Our present supplier Apollo Sportswear, is located in Rexdale. This
supplier can only produce if we have at least six orders.Ê Joe knows
of a supplier in Markham that can produce one or more orders for
basically the same price; but, not in the Royal Blue colour. ÊEarle
VE3KCO suggested that we get samples of jackets before we make any
decisions. Joe VA3JDX commented that he might be able to get samples.

The subject of making a club financial contribution to the CNIB
Amateur Radio Program was discussed. A few ideas were discussed, such
as having the club make its usual $100.00 dollar donation, or have a
future passing of the hat for voluntary member donations, or not
donating this year due to our own financial restrictions. Peter
VE3FJI questioned our financial viability for making a donation this
year. Audrey VA3YD clarified that if we make a donation, it should be
directed to the CNIB Amateur Radio Program, and not the CNIB General
Fund. Audrey explained that the CNIB Amateur Radio Program operates
from a separate fund away from the CNIB General Fund. Earle VE3KCO
commented that we should be sure we are able to make a donation, from
our club finances, before we make any. Bob VE3IEL suggested that at a
future meeting we might pass a hat for collection. One time in the
past when this was done, more money was collected for a donation than
previously provided by the club accounts. A vote was taken as to
whether the club should make a donation, whether a hat should be
passed at a future meeting, or that no action be taken. The vote
favoured that no action be taken. A contribution to the CNIB Amateur
Radio Program will not be made this year. The meeting was then passed
over to our Past President and presenter Bill Catlender VE3ILE. Bill
had ordered a Buddipole antenna; and, received it in December. He
has only tried it out inside his home. Due to the weather he has not
had a chance to see how it might work outside. Bill passed out some
fliers that provided information about the Buddipole. The Buddipole
is an easily portable antenna kit that can be put together in many
configurations for several bands. Bill demonstrated the 40 metre
antenna configuration. The antenna sits on a tripod; and, can be
extended up to eighteen feet. There are guy ropes and pegs included
for this purpose. Bert VE3OBU assisted in assembling the antenna.
Bill made a special note concerning the VersaTee component of the
antenna. This piece allows for the various configurations you might
wish to make with this antenna. Coils are adjustable for various

Bill VE3ILE then demonstrated his K1 QRP transceiver. This was made
from a kit from Elecraft. This K1 operates on 15 and 40 metres. It has
a maximum output of approximately seven watts.

After this pre-demonstration, the club broke for a coffee break; and,
raffle tickets were sold by Audrey VA3YD. The winner of a computer
scanner was Audrey VA3YD. Ralph VE3CIW won an oscilloscope.

Bill’s demonstration continued after the coffee break. He commented on
the good DX that could be had even though the propagation now is not
very good. He also showed some other items that he purchased at the
Burlington fleamarket. He had a MFJ keyer; a SWR/Power meter; and an
external speaker. He then demonstrated his new Yaesu FT-817nd. This
is a modern full function QRP transceiver. It operates on 160 through
10 metres. It also can be used on 6 metres, 2 metres, 70 cm, with all
modes available. It receives broadcast stations; and, other signals.
Bill demonstrated this units ability to receive broadcast FM; and, 2
metre contacts.

Bernadine VE3YDB thanked Bill VE3ILE for coming, and providing his
interesting presentation.

Bernadine called for a motion to adjourn. Audrey VA3YD provided the
motion to adjourn. The meeting was then closed.
Minutes submitted by Bob VE3IEL.

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