2008-01-14 (Annual General Meeting)

Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Inc.
2008 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting took place at the Don Montgomery Community
Recreation Centre (formerly Mid-Scarborough Community Recreation
Centre) on January 14, 2008.

Bernadine VE3YDB called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM.

Peter VE3FJI moved to approve the agenda for the meeting. Audrey VA3YD
seconded. Motion carried.

In addition to her opening remarks, Bernadine spoke about her
expectations for the club in the year to come. A copy of the address
will be available in the members section of the website.

Joe VA3JDX moved to accept the minutes of the 2007 Annual General
Meeting. Peter VE3FJI seconded. Motion carried.

Business from 2007 minutes:

Gord VE3CNA reports that it was impossible to complete the auditor’s
report for 2006 as we did not get the financial records until May 2007,
and many purchase invoices and receipts and some of the bank statements
were not available. Peter VE3FJI suggested that we start fresh from the
beginning of 2007 and carry on from there. Bernadine thanked Gord for
his efforts in this matter, which is to be set aside pending further

Reports from outgoing executive:

Secretary (Ray VE3ZXC): website is available on ve3we.com
domain, but domain transfer for ve3we.ca is still ongoing.

Treasurer (Lambert VE3LYP): combined with auditor’s report for

Vice-President: Bernadine served as chair of one meeting
while president was ill

Membership (Bernadine): we had 35 members of which 10 were new to the

Field Day (Bob VE3IEL): we had a good turnout and operated five
stations. Bob thanked members for help with pot luck and breakfast. Due
to technical problems, scores did not appear in QST but were published
in Wavelength. Bob looks forward to a good Field Day this year.

Communications (Bob): Bert was elected communications coordinator but
had to step down for personal reasons, so Bob volunteered to fill the
post. Bill took most of the CW nets while Bob picked up most voice nets.
In addition to the regular 2 metre net on Tuesday and the 10 metre nets
on Thursday and Sunday we now have regular chats on 10 metres (28.730
USB) every night at 7 PM. While nets have been doing reasonably well,
Bob would like to encourage more club members to check in.

Education (Nick VE3EBC): Nick enjoyed helping new hams get their
licences, and is staying on as examiner.

Elections (Audrey VA3YD): Elections were held in December and more
positions were filled this year than last.

Archives (Gord): The archives are essentially finished, with
approximately 650 items. Donations are gratefully accepted. Gord has
been in contact with the widow of one of our founding members, Chuck
Harvey VE3ARC, regarding possible items of interest.

Auditor’s report for 2007 (Peter): Peter and Lambert worked on the
financial records together over a period of two days to assemble this
report. Total income $2908.95, less total expenses $1187.94 plus bank
balance $1136.20 + cash on hand $81.10 = $2938.31

Raffle items were not included as these were donated by various people,
in particular Bill VE3ILE. Bert VE3OBU purchased the generator for
$227.99 and donated $100 toward the cost, then transferred ownership to
the club, so the cost to the club was $127.99.

Ray moved to accept the auditor’s report. Audrey seconded. Motion

Len VE3LXB moved to re-appoint Peter as auditor for 2008. Lambert
seconded. Motion carried. Peter commented that he did not have enough
time as he would have liked to prepare the report. Bernadine assured him
that this year he would receive all items in a timely fashion.


50/50 draw: The draw brought in $31. Ralph VE3CIW won $15 but donated it
back to the club.

Following the board meeting on January 7, Bill VE3ILE resigned as a
member of the club, and Bert VE3OBU resigned as vice-president. Earle
VE3KCO moved to ask Bert to reconsider his resignation. Lambert
seconded. Motion carried.

Discussion: Bernadine read Bert’s letter of resignation. According to
our bylaws the vacancy can be filled at a meeting called for that
purpose. Members present agreed to set aside the January 28 meeting for
this matter. Earle complimented Bert for his enthusiasm and said that
club affairs should not be taken personally.

Bob moved that the proposal for bylaw changes be accepted. Lambert
seconded. Motion carried. Discussion will begin at next meeting.

Awards: Nomination forms for Amateur of the Year will be available on
the website. Discussion on possible changes for eligibility to receive
an award, on-air participation etc.

The club sponsors several awards, some of which are exclusively for SARC
members, and others which are open to all. Details are available in the
Awards section of the website.

The executive has decided to bring back the policy of fining members who
don’t wear their club badges. Joe spoke about ordering badges for
members who don’t already have one.

Bob advised the members that the Toronto FM Communications Society is
looking for volunteers to help with an antenna problem at the VE3RPT
site. This involves some tower climbing. Bob will coordinate with VE3ID.

Randy VE3WRN will speak at the January 28 meeting about participation at
an upcoming CNIB event.

Audrey moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM.

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