Scarborough Amateur Radio Club Inc. General Meeting

The meeting was held at the Mid-Scarborough Community Centre in the
Seniors’ lounge on November 12, 2007.

Bill VE3ILE called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.

Treasurer’s report: $2649.36 in bank account + $300.50 income – $227.99
expenses + $16.25 cash = $2738.12

Earle VE3KCO asked a question regarding the generator – Bert is
currently storing it at his QTH.

Tony VE3QF moved to accept treasurer’s report as read. Richard VA3RSA
seconded. Motion carried.

Sick and disabled: Bob VE3IEL mentioned that Rudie VE3OUA was ill. Ray
was to send out a card.

Website: New site is ve3we.com which is currently a mirror of the old
site. The cost of the domain is $8/year and hosting is approximately $14
for 4 months. Arrangements will be made with the Senators and
Satellites to move their pages to the new site when it is ready.

Bob VE3IEL moved to pay $50 per year for domain and web hosting. Tony
seconded. Motion carried.

Question period

Bob had said he was willing to stand for communications coordinator on
condition that the club does not proceed with using VE3SPA for its 2m
nets. Bernadine asked for clarification of the conditions; these will be
explained on election night.

Garth VE3BQR from SPARC has invited interested members to attend several
of their club events. Several members expressed interest.

Discussion on bylaw amendments. Earle questioned whether this is the
first or second reading as there have been some changes in wording.
To avoid starting the whole process again, Richard suggested that we
instead make an amendment to the original proposal. Bernadine moved that
the bylaw changes as proposed by Bert be submitted to a bylaw review
committee. Earle seconded. Motion was defeated.


Raffle brought in $27.

Continued discussion on bylaw amendments. Clarification on procedures –
Bert read the amendments. Earle raised objections to the process.

Summary of changes:
1. References to “Executive” or “Board of Directors” are replaced by
“Board of Directors”.
2. Definition of membership year clarified – same as fiscal year.
Members who join or renew between September and December are considered
paid up until the end of the following calendar year.
3. Spending limit reduced from $750 to $350 for any single expenditure.
4. Changes to quorum for meetings.

Apologies to Tony VE3QF as there was no time for his presentation. Next
meeting’s speaker will be Stan VE3TW who will talk about computer-based

Richard moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM.

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