Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
General Meeting
24 September 2007

This meeting took place at the Mid-Scarborough Community Centre. Bill VE3ILE called the meeting to order at 7:50 PM. Bill called for a moment’s silence in honour of the late Tom Atkins, VE3CDM.

Due to a schedule conflict, the next executive meeting is rescheduled to Tuesday, October 2.

Our guest speaker was Garth VE3BQR, the president of the South Pickering ARC. Garth spoke about the need for the local clubs in Scarborough and Durham Region to work together on issues of mutual interest. As such, he is encouraging clubs to form a council to exchange ideas and collaborate on events. Members were very supportive of this suggestion. Garth also invited our members to attend the next meeting of the South Pickering club on Thursday, October 11 at 7:30 in the Pickering Recreation Complex, 1867 Valley Farm Road (South of Kingston Road, east of Liverpool). The guest speaker at that meeting will be Eric VE3EI from ICOM, who will be demonstrating the D-STAR (digital voice/data) system. He also invited us to make use of their repeaters (details on their website at http://www.ve3spc.org/


Treasurer’s report (Lambert): Bank balance as of today was $2377.23 – with cash on hand, total was $2489.73. Bob VE3IEL moved to accept report as read. Audrey seconded. Motion carried.

Communications report (Bob): Nets are running regularly on both 2 and 10 metres. Rudie VE3OUA raised the question of interference on VE3RPT and other repeaters. During the discussion Bob pointed out that RAC will forward reports of interference (logged with time/frequency/location) to Industry Canada, but Industry Canada will not go out looking on their own.

Education: Nick could not stay for the meeting, but Audrey reports that he has not committed either way due to time constraints; he will, however, continue as club examiner.

Election committee met last Tuesday. Bob, Audrey and Bernadine will be speaking to various people to ask whether they are interested in standing for election. Will meet again in October. Nomination forms are on the website in the members area – http://www.ve3we.ca/members/

username: sarc
password: sarc1946

Reminder: if you plan to nominate someone you must first ask them if they are willing to stand. Nominations will be accepted until election night in December.

Bert VE3OBU and Bob VE3IEL went to visit TFMCS (home of VE3RPT). While there they met Bill VE3CRU who had bought a small 1200W generator. Bert went to Canadian Tire and bought the same model for $199+tax. He has offered to donate it for club use if the club picks up part of the cost (he is willing to kick in $100 so the club would pay $127).

Bert moves that the club pay $127 for the generator. Audrey seconded. Motion carried.

Richard suggested that anyone who borrows the generator should only do so for non-commercial purposes.

Coffee break/Draw

3rd prize – Jan VE3GIZ won the amplifying speaker courtesy of Peter VE3FJI.
2nd prize – Peter VE3FJI won the soldering gun.
1st prize – Edgar VE3WTR won the signal monitor.

Bill brought in a video about the 2000 DXpedition to Clipperton Island in the North Pacific. This film included a great deal of research into the history of the island and its natural environment, along with details of the radio operation. We managed to watch most of the video but had to cut it short when the community centre staff came to close up the room.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM. Next general meeting is on October 22 since the community centre is closed on Thanksgiving.

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