Scarborough Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
General Meeting
11 June 2012

President Ralph Muecke VE3VXY called the meeting to order at 7:13 PM.

Welcome to our guest Ralph VE3RWO.

The 10 metre net has been very quiet over the past few months, with at most two or three people checking in.

Ralph VE3VXY moved to suspend the 10 metre nets for the summer. Rod VE3SOY seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting attendance has been dropping over the past year and the board has discussed reducing the number of meetings to one per month subject to the approval of the members.

Ray VE3ZXC moved that the club meetings be held once a month, on the second Monday, effective September 2012. Rod VE3SOY seconded. Motion carried.

Field Day will be on June 23-24 weekend at Heber Down. Tentative band plan is as follows:

Nick VE3EBC/Amy B. – 80m SSB
Dwaine VE3GIF – 20m
Earle VE3KCO – CW? not confirmed
Rod VE3SOY – 2m
Sam VA3SEP/Rej VA3REJ – 15m
Ralph VE3VXY – 6m
Lambert VE3LYP – 40m
Stewart VA3PID – any available band

Other operators who plan to attend and help out where needed:

Tony VE3FDU and his grandson (Saturday only)

Participate – Learn – Enjoy