Ontario Trilliums QSL Cards

These QSL cards from some of The Ontario Trilliums are from the collection of VE3IKQ, Alan Laird (sk) of the then, Metro Toronto Legion Village, 59 Lawson Road, West Hill, Ontario. M1C 2J1. The Metro Toronto Legion Village was re-named Toronto Legion Village, (TLV), and is now known as the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care.
The Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care hosts an Amateur Radio Station with the call sign of VE3TLV.
Thanks to the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care and Cliff Butler, VE3AXM, the VE3TLV license custodian for the loan of these cards; and to the group known as “The Senators” who meet at VE3TLV on Wednesday mornings for a ragchew.


  • Thelma Woodhouse, VE3CLT, (sk) was a long-time member of Scarborough ARC and held the position of Secretary for many years. She was known by the special phonetics: Canada Loves Thelma. She was a member of TOT’s CLARA and QCWA Chapter 73 among other organizations.

    VE3CLT QSL front VE3CLT QSL back

  • Gwen Burnett VE3AYL was TOT No. 10.

    VE3AYL QSL card (1979)

  • Minnie Dawe VE3DBQ was TOT No. 135 – Notice the “TOTs” logo and for CLARA and RSO.

    VE3DBQ QSL card (front)VE3DBQ QSL card (back)

  • Myrtle Manning, VE3FXM, was TOT No. 12

    VE3FXM/VE3PM QSL (front)VE3FXM QSL (back)

  • Mary Hedges, VE3COH was the XYL to Tom Hedges, VE3GZV and their son Rick Hedges, VE3GJI. Very much a “Ham Family”. All are now (sk). They were long-time members of Scarborough ARC, very active amateurs, and Mary was TOT No. 118.

    VE3COH QSL (front)VE3COH QSL (back)

  • Jean Evans, VE3DGG, was known by the phonetics: “Darn Good Girl” and was TOT No. 6


  • Doris Cody, VE3BBO (sk) was the XYL of Steve Cody, VE3BBC (sk). Both were very long-time members of Scarborough ARC and major participants at the annual display promoting Amateur Radio at the Canadian National Exhibition. Doris was TOT No. 7 and a member of CLARA.


  • Mildred Graham VE3GTI, was TOT No. 31.

    VE3GTI QSL (front)VE3GTI QSL (back)

  • Marg, VE3AIZ was a long-time member of Scarborough ARC, was TOT No. 81 and a member of ARRL and the Radio Society of Ontario.

    VE3AIZ QSL (front)VE3AIZ QSL (back)

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